The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Is there anything that episode had that DIDN’T rock?


Rare SENTAI behind-the-scenes video from MMPR


One bit of disappointment with the movie, which we could see right from the trailers so this isn’t much of a spoiler…eh I’ll still put it in the spoiler box—

[details=Spoiler]Goldar. I enjoyed how Goldar was in the show, but in the movie he’s a mindless giant monster that only operates with Rita’s instructions… like he may as well be a robot too. I don’t think movie-Goldar even has a face.

*I’m already looking forward to part 2 though, since it’s sure to involve The Great One Himself… The Lord and Savior Tommy Oliver. I’m not sure if they’ll have Rita again or go on with Zedd for the next one… probably both, I’d bet. Zedd shows up as the new top dog with Rita as his Queen.[/details]


God why are the morphibf sequencs ass in neo saban era


A few minor complains about the movie that I’ll edit in this post later (currently mobile) but over all I enjoyed the shit out of power rangers. Great movie.

things I disliked


Goldar. His origin of being made was OK but I just hated his design overall. Just looked like a weird blob.
Zordon being a huge dick.
Krispy Kreme
Megazord was ugly as fuck.
Rangers not having their helmets on (sorta) while being in the zords.

I loved everything else though.


I like the shortened version that Dino Charge uses, but yes, they tend to drag it out.

Older series were just as guilty, see SPD, Turbo, Overdrive, Lightspeed etc.

Ivan has ascended to Ziggy tier of greatness. His mannerisms and reactions are so perfectly camp and fedora-tipping it’s ridiculous.

Super Dino Charge is a definite B+ in my eyes, put together with Dino Charge for a solid B overall.


I thought the Krispy Kreme development was great. The scene when Rita enjoying a donut while Goldar wrecked the place is hilarious.


i do enjoy elizabeth banks being adorable.


So, Ninja Steel has a Thunderdome villain, and Boom is the mentor…

This might be fun after all.

Also Pink is Martina McFly.

Koda’s IRL brother is the new Blue Ranger, too.


am fine with the morphin’ sequences but its the way how they tend to design em

Just look at something like Thunder Rangers morph from Ninja Storm and then you get shit like Megaforce :I


For anyone looking to get into Sentai, Gokaiger is a good place to start. None of the Japanese seasons are connected outside of two, and Gokaiger is an easy watch, has tons of homages to past series, and is well made.

If you enjoy that you can dive into the rest fairly easily given you can objectively enjoy retro shows for past stuff. Very few of the Sentai seasons are outright bad as well.


They really are playing that JDF Karate instructional video…


I’m watching Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger right now and I’m absolutely in love.

Yellow Ranger Talks in cooking puns
Green Ranger is a super cute and snarky chick
Gold Ranger is a trickster
Blue Ranger is a skrillex wolf.
Black Ranger is a pro wrestling bull robot who just spends time lifting weights.
Silver Ranger is a deadpan.

They haven’t introduced Orange and Pink yet.

The only complaint I have so far is that Lucky; the red ranger who is kind of annoying but in an endearing way. He means well.


In japan have there ever been sentai fights where the injuries sustained in suited battles carried over to non-suited damage (blood, torn clothes)? And have there ever been cases where a non-suited ranger could manifest energy in their attacks?


ah not sure but… this bumping of this thread reminded me— I must definitely give a recommendation for the Super Megaforce season. It has it all, man… cute/gorgeous girls, great action, a great finale… and of course, this team is the most ridiculously OP team in series history. Heh, I just love that concept that they can access the powers of all previous teams… that’s so insane right there… then the team-up is in the grand finale where it’s like 100+ Rangers (including Lord Tommy Oliver Himself) united to help them finally destroy the bad guys. It’s too good, man…oh and they fly around in a big pirate airship…annnd the 6th Ranger here can access all previous 6th Ranger powers/forms-- AT THE SAME TIME, folks… awesomeness.
I found the complete season on dvd at Best Buy…but it’s also on Netflix… I think Netflix has all of the seasons at this point.


To answer your first question: yes. In the newest series Kyuranger they constantly unmorph after taking substantial damage and they are almost always bloody and have burned or tattered clothes.

To answer your second question: No idea. I haven’t watch enough sentai to answer that


To answer the second question, off the top of my head the Dairanger, Gingamen, GekiRanger, and Magiranger could all manifest attacks without having to morph.


I hope this post is sarcastic because the entire of (Super) Megaforce is fucking shit and boring. It’s easily one of the worst seasons of Power Rangers, and unlike the Sentai counterpart, which not only had an original Pirate Theme intact (something that basically doesn’t exist in Megaforce), but also properly paid homage to previous seasons (the season was a celebration of the Super Sentai series in general)

Megaforce instead seems to have tried to ride on nostalgia, while simulatenously failing to create an interesting show, not to mention having a completely botched finale (and squashing the “Legendary Battle” into like one episode)

The waifus were also meh. Both Samurai and Megaforce had your typical run of the mill Instagram models


I’m watching Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and am loving it. It’s the perfect starting point to get into Sentai. Dai and Timerangers will be next. The new season is also really good, they just introduced a fucking 10th ranger :rofl:


Yeah, I’m moving Kyuranger.