The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread

Going through a proper In Space rewatch since I missed a few key eps during the Twitch marathon, got to the Astronema x Zhane ep again. I was telling my friend I was wondering where they got those modeling photos of each other and my friend’s response was, “Zhane probably got them from @Million who in the PR universe has lewd photos of every female human character in history.”

Someone tried to go and assassinate JDF at a Comic Con, among other people. Thankfully he was caught before he did any real damage.

There is such good quality tokusatsu shows

Ex-aid, kyuranger, and amazons are fucking great

I been on this stuff since gokaiger and ooo

If you liked power rangers you will love the current ongoing tokusatsu

And amazons has the best brutal choreography

How the fuck do you go after the God Ranger and expect to succeed?

One of the newer episodes of Kyuranger is an spd crossover


And in response Cons everywhere are banning prop weapons, the decisions was ether made internally or by the city council/police of the towns and cities those Cons operate in.
And yes its perfectly legal for citiy governments to enforce such restrictions on those Cons.

This was some time coming.

new season of power rangers under the new banner. pretty dope so far.

@maxx Is it original content or is it spliced with one of the newer sentais?

It seems pretty original but power rangers got pretty good at splicing near the last few years so I’m not sure.

The original red ranger was a super A hole and karma put him in a coma lmfao

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Ill have to look it up. Good looking out. :facepunch:t3:

@maxx just wiki’ed it. It’s spliced with footage and takes story elements from Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters which was produced in 2012.

Pour one out for the Morphin grid homies

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mannnnn, I was just remembering how great that season was the other day… the Ninja Storm team were still one of my favorite teams of the whole franchise. That’s terribly depressing that the guy didn’t even make it to 40.

Sorry that was the alternative version… This is the final version.