The Super Stick Art LEVEL UP! Challenge Game 2014: 2014 Edition! - Round 2: 1st Round Number 2!


What’s up Photoshop All-Stars and weekend warriors, GIMP’d out guerillas, MSPaint Professionals and bitmap badasses?

Time to LEVEL UP! your stick art creation game. Tired of seeing/making the same old character with boring background templates? Tired of ripping off D3V’s designs and feeling proud of yourself? Need a hot, wet, slimy injection of inspiration to help bring your creativity to the next level?

Well fear no more, because:


This is not a contest, this is a challenge. You are encouraged to provide constructive and emotional feedback to your peers. Anything from a simple “This is great!” or “I don’t like it for some reason” to “I think maybe you should bring the xyz layer into a clipping mask for the thing on the right and add a style to do blah blah blah” is encouraged. After we get a sufficient amount of arts and reactions, I’ll try to post the most popular ones on the first page of this thread. Time to break out your magic wands folks:


Sorry it took so long for me to do a second round, but I want you guys to really have fun with this one!