The Super Turbo machine @ Chinatown Fair

i have an old dynamo cab with super turbo in it. i went to chinatown fair for the first time yesterday and was amazed at how much better their super turbo cab and screen looked, and played etc. I GOTTA HAVE IT!

does anyone know the info about what kind of cab, screen, etc is in chinatown fair? i basically want to buy the exact same setup. if anyone knows where i can get the cab as well, that would be extremely helpfull. thanks in advance

why not ask the guy that owns the place there?

i asked whoever was at the counter but he didnt seem to know or want to be bothered with me.

Take a few pictures and we’ll tell you.

Saw this guy post a picture about a week or two back. Not that I necessarily agree with whatever point the guy was trying to make, but there it is.

That’s just a standard cab with a ST kit in it.

I’m not sure exactly what model cab, but you can pick up a World Warrior or CE on craigslist and it will feel pretty much the same if you get a good monitor and controls in there.

The marquee is the ST marquee, I don’t think the bezel and control panel are. So it was probably a Hyper or CE machine that they just upgraded.

Just put in new parts and replace the monitor and you’ll be all set to go. Problem with buying all those old CE cabs is most of them still have the original monitors which will start to look like shit after all these years without upkeep.

Yeah, the Dynamo cab won’t really “feel” all that much different from buying any old SFII cab unless the parts happen to be in better shape. Dimensions and viewing angles are similar anyway.

I agree, just throw a new Wells Gardner or something in there, and upgrade your CP and it will play great.

ok. i think i just need a new monitor and control panel. will keep an out. thanks for your help.