The Superman Thread: PREACH IT, goody!


Latest on the Superman legal battle.

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I have to admit, this is kind of a relief. I generally prefer that creators and their immediate families retain creative rights to the creations, but I think the Siegels and Shusters got themselves mixed up with a real scumbag of a lawyer who cooked up a deal that would benefit himself far more than anybody else.

Plus, by some kind of miraculous defiance of historical precedent, DC hasn’t done too badly by the two families, even if Superman remains a corporate-owned character.


So what do you think of today’s news?


<p>So what are peoples thoughts on <strong>H’el on Earth</strong>?</p><p>I’m liking it quite a lot. It’s good to see the rebooted characters cut loose and Superman be the badass that he is.</p><p><strong></strong> </p>


My knee jerk reaction is that I have no real interest in any Superman story written by Scott Lobdell and Tom DeFalco. Maybe if it were 1992 and I was nine years old again - but even then I still didn’t like DeFalco’s comics. The concept sounds stupid (let’s start with the name: “H’el,” really?) and the artwork looks awful.<div><br></div><div>My polite thought is that I have not read the story so I really have no comment.</div>


Another big-fan of All-Star Superman here; thoroughly enjoyed reading it in my local library and bought it afterwards. I’m curious, what do you guys think of Secret Identity? I enjoyed reading it and loved the idea of superman getting old/naturally dying. Not as action-pack as ASS but still awesome imo.


Secret Identity by Busiek and Immonen? It’s one of my favorite Superman stories, too. Hits a lot of emotional notes without being contrived. The craft of it was impeccable. It’s one of those stories that neatly summarizes most, if not all, of what makes Superman one of the greatest fictional characters.


Yea; I couldn’t put it down after reading the first 5 pages. I thought it wouldn’t work out since Lex Luthor was nowhere to be found in the story but everything in the story just made sense. I think the government chasing/trying to control Superman is more realistic than one-man’s hell bent crusade to stop him. Busiek and Immonen did a great job conveying Superman as a normal person with hopes/dreams/problems etc that just happen to have supernatural abilities. Superman seemed more ‘real’/‘exposed’ to me in this version compare to the other ones I’ve read. That’s the best I can describe it.


Yeah, and the whole development of his marriage and family was handled in a particularly convincing manner. The way that Clark came to terms with his life and the character arc from his youth to his old age was impressive for a comic of that length.


Happy 75th Birthday Superman!


Newsarama really needs a bigger “start here” button.


im about to dive into what appears to be six years worth of this forum

heres to hoping you dudes have been on point


Amazing 75th Anniversary animated short!


One of my FB friends showed that to me. The thing that really stuck out to me is that they found a way to include the Superman video game for Atari 2600–a game that completely baffled me as a child. Something about Superman seems to defy being captured in game form.


Really? What about that amazing Superman game they made for N64?

Or this modern classic?


I’m waiting for the Superman vs. Batman movie. I think it’s really a superhero movie to wait for. Hopefully it clicks well enough to lead to a future Justice League movie.


Currently the only thing that bugs me is Jessie Lexenberg but I have to admit, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot actually look good in costume, surpirisingly. So maybe it’s another smart move. Hard to say until the movie comes out.

I have some issues with Batman being around longer than Superman. Superman should always be the first modern day Super-Hero of any DC world. This is the only thing the 52 Reboot got right. No hate for the JSA, but if you are not going to introduce them after Superman becomes Superman they really should be on some alternate Earth. Well, it could still work for the movie giving it a Dark Knight Returns vibe without skipping to the far future so there’s that.

I’m hoping it won’t have the same problem as Amazing Spider-Man 2, cramming too many characters in one movie to play catch up with the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

Then again I think Zack Snyder is smarter than Marc Webb (one guy who used to direct music videos is smarter than another guy who used to direct music videos ha ha) so it should turn out okay. I like Snyder too, as a person anyway. At conventions and on DVD commentaries he has a great attitude, defintely a fanboy.

Kind of too bad that it’s no longer going head to head with Captain America 3 on Free Comic Book Day weekend. Not surprising that it moved so they could make more loot instead of splitting the audience, but it would’ve been a fun weekend for us Marvel / DC fans. WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON? ROFL!


Sweet Christmas. You guys actually think Superman v. Batman is worth your excitement? You actually like Zack Snyder over Marc Webb?

You all deserve whatever turds you get.


Sorry that you really like 500 Days of Summer. I hear the Blu-Ray comes with 501 days. The extra day is another musical number and another painfully obvious indication that she’s just not that into him. :stuck_out_tongue:


I would rather watch 500 Years of Summer than spend a single day with a Zack Snyder movie.