The Susan Boyle Holy S**t Thread

I did a search and didn’t see a thread dedicated to this so here I go


Britain’s Got Talent is the UK equivalent of American Idol, Simon Cowell and all. When I saw this video I was very, very impressed. Don’t it just make you feel good?

Nessun Dorma guy was better imo.

I thought America’s got talent was the equivalent of that show… anyways that chick can most definitely sing.

Jesus… way better than any of our singers

I suspect she has had some formal training in her time and good for her, she can sing. Unfortunately for her the ability to hold a note or sing in tune isn’t nearly as valuable as a sexy image.
She should do voice overs in anime to shock and disillusion otaku who imagine her as a some cute little girl with cat ears.

We can dance if you want to…

You can leave your friends behind…

Wow, good for her! Seriously, that’s all I can say.


Cause if your friends dont dance…

And if they dont dance…

holy shit thank you!

i love it when people destroy peoples stereotypical ideas of them. shes marketable. just not as a pop star. needs to clip the eye brows for the album cover.

i couldnt tell exactly what made it so good. good tone and quick vibrato. clean clean clean

hot middle judge