The Swarmer: AE - Updated Video Tutorial Thread







The content in the video is based on my own experience and knowledge.

Video 1 Contains:
Part 1 Intro
Part 2 Basics
Part 3 Okizeme
Video 2 Contains
Part 4 Advancing
Part 5 Option Selects
Character Specific Oki + Meaty c.LK Option Select
Video 3 Contains
Part 1 - EX Duck uses
Part 2 - Other changes

I really dont know what else to say. I’ll add more info here later. took me like 6 hours to add all those notes.
Sorry about the black box I’ll, most likely not, fix it later.
Well the black box gives me plenty of room for anononotions for easy navigation.
I’ll fix in the downloadable version of the tutorial.

I gotta say, barring a few hiccups here and there, this is quite the little tutorial so far, giving me some insight. Good stuff, and I’m nominating this for an article.

It’s real! It’s really real! :razzy:

Nice first part. I will be looking forward to the next installments.

no idea why the video has that black box around it
fix time in sony vegas.
leave alone-
edit reuploading part 2

Good stuff! :slight_smile:

Now next Dudley XBL Meeting THIS Friday I wanna see some of you stepping it up vs my Seth

Also how do i make my video a response to my other video?
so its easy to go between parts

Very good tutorials. Good work Thirtyfour.

Good stuff. This going to help level up my scrub Dudley and Keep him Classy !

To make a video response, here’s what you do. On the actual page with the video, click inside the comment box as if you were going to make a comment. At this point you should see something to the right called “Attach a video”, then choose “Choose a Video”. You should see all your vids in the list and choose the appropriate one. About to watch these right now, thanks!

Thanks I can sleep now.

Added more in the ending.

Long Live the Pizza Beast

Just finished watching. Great tutorial for sure! Going to use this and make you proud.

sheds tear If I get 1000 views Imma start uploading matches and making little guides for more character specific stuff(guides option selects, match up stuff ect)

To help you get more views and get this great tutorial out there for those who need it, i used the eventhubs submit a tip option. I’m pretty sure it’ll be featured on the front page.

Hopefully this makes SRK front page too. I also nominated it.

I think it can be submitted on the front page of SRK, too. Good tutorial TF, it will help me in the advance section a lot. You probably will get 1,000 views sooner then you think because it’s a tutorial and people will most likely be on the look-out for it. Very good stuff, man.

My first post in these forums, and I wanted to use it to say great tutorial.

Newer to SS4 (not the fighting genre, huge CvS2 guy). Solely using Dudley – and I can’t wait to use some of these tips/tricks.

Thanks again, and great work.

First vid

…starting punish combos are c.HK and f.MK both being able to link into s.HK…

isn’t that suppose to be c.HP?



Second vid


when you safe jump Ken’s DP, isn’t that an anti 3 frame?

Great tutorial. :smiley:

At long last! Great Tutorial, thanks for making it!

Yeah man really awesome job. Do we all nominate or does it only take 1 person?