The Swarmer: AE - Updated Video Tutorial Thread

Did you even read my post?
I was wondering if EX MGB -> Duck straight -> EX duck straight is Character specific(especially mid screen), I don’t see you landing that shit VS shoto or Bison for example in the video.
VS Rog that shit is so easy.

Some AA stuff maybe… but i can’t really come up with a good challenge…

And maybe some wakup stuff like “on enemy wakeup do the following iteration all match long:
1st wakeup: low meaty into combo
2nd wakeup: overhead meaty
3rd: block/backdash


I thought wake-up was covered in the current video? There should be no set order to it anyway unless you want to make yourself readable like a book.

Well the idea behind it would obviously not be “win all games” but “get comfortable with different mixups and learn to apply them all”…
The challenges are not meant to be your future playstyle imo… like never jumping…

Stuff X amount of pokes with forward strong. AA all divekicks closer than st.fierce with standing jab.

you guys have the worst ideas
fucking shit


You know you still didn’t answer his question. Midscreen after EX MGB you can do it on people that you can do forward ducking straight on or the real fat characters after short ducking straight like Hakan.

Yea dude, you need to do some proof reading, not that I don’t appreciate you making those videos :stuck_out_tongue:

I know straight up ex duck straight work on pretty much everybody, but it seems that after regular duck straight the EX will only connect to the fatty chars as in Balrog.

Ciry, what I posted is the answer. If you can’t do forward ducking straight after EX MGB on a non-fatty character, you’re not going to be able to do EX Ducking Straight afterward unless my timing is awful.

Yea I guess it’s confirmed then :slight_smile: Just was making a point to thirtyfour that he wasn’t answering to what I was asking.

Actually my bad, my timing just wasn’t good. I was basing that off of not being able to do EX MGB > short ducking straight > EX Ducking straight on shotos mid-screen, but it turns out you can do it at least once. You can also do it on chars like Guile and Bison at least 3 times, so you can probably do it all 4 times.

God damn
There’s a THREAD
with all CHARACTER SPECIFIC links and juggles in it.
God damn
Gooooooooood damnnnnnnnnn

Link to EX Duck Straight after EX MGB LK Duck Straight thread plz?

Spoilers: There is no data, he just bitching and wants you all to discuss it in the EX Duck Thread.

God you’re dense.
It’s on the first bloody page.

EX Duck follow ups start up in 4+ frames
EX MGB > LK duck straight works on everyone mid screen
Only ibuki cant be juggled after duck straight

Holy shit you guys arent even trolling.

Limit to the amount of juggles you can do midscreen
Just follow up EX duck upper after EX MGB > LK duck straight with EX Duck Upper

character you sometimes have to MK duck upper because LK will whiff. You shouldnt bother with LK duck straight atll on since EX Duck upper can sometimes whiff/hit once.

Do you guys even play the game?

This ego can’t just be from XBL…

Oh god. You’re ranting for several paragraphs in multiple post, yet failing to read the fucking question.

I WASN’T asking about Duck straight hitting after EX MGB, I WASN’T asking that will EX duck upper hit, I WASN’T asking info from age old juggling post.

What I was asking was (hey here comes the part you failed to read)

Does EX Ducking STRAIGHT Hit (in my example bison)at MID SCREEN after **EX MGB -> LK/MK duck straight **?

I could hit that combo easily on the fatties like Balrog, but couldn’t hit Bison so I just wanted to confirm that is it my execution or is it even possible.

I don’t get how this thread turned into this shit storm

This is good advice. Keep it simple.

I’m going to hop in training mode right now and figure out once and for all who can be hit by an EX duck straight after LK duck straight. BRB.

Alright so here’s the combo, performed from midscreen:

HK, EX MGB, LK duck straight, EX duck straight X3, LP MGB (4 bars, 495 dmg, 870 stun)

YES, this combo works on the following characters:
Fei Long
T Hawk

NO, this combo DOES NOT WORK on the following characters:
Chun Li
Evil Ryu
El Fuerte*

For all the listed characters with a * beside their name, one of the EX ducking straights will hit, but not the rest. Therefore you can do this combo instead:
HK, EX MGB, LK ducking straight, EX ducking straight, EX ducking upper (3 bars, 422 dmg, 730 stun)

The following combo works on the entire cast:
HK, EX MGB, LK ducking straight, EX ducking upper (2 bars, 364 dmg, 610 stun)

I’ll post this in the character specific matchup thread as well.

Thank you! You are my new favorite dude in here :slight_smile:
Nice to know that I was right on the dictator and not sucking with my execution.