The Sweet Science: Balrog (Boxer) Q&A Thread

If you have a question about Balrog (Boxer) in SSF4 then we can help answer it.

are there screenshots of balrog’s alternate 2’s different colors?
If so, where? has them for most of the characters.

Although color 11 and 12 are missing along. Can’t seem to find pics for the new exclusive outfit though.

well duh…i meant his Alternate 2 outfit.
though, i guess this is good info if anyone didn’t know.

i wanted to see all the colors of his new outfit. Waiting till Jun 22nd is awhile for the costume pack with his new outfit to come out.


ABout 3:15 in.

I like the new costume but I am probably going to stick with Alt 1, color 10(black).

Is there anymore combos needed to be learned other then

to be a competent Balrog

Off the top of my head:

Learn the Rush upper loops. Its not nessisary to do endless loops but practice it anyway to help your execution.

Far St.Lp>Cr.HK, its easier in this game so no reason not to learn the link

If you ever get a good jump in go for J.HK>St.HK>Cr.lkxxEx-RU,cr.lp>cr.lp xx F.Headbutt. You can do easier combos but that one does so much stun use it whenever possible. It really completely turns matches around. Even more so if you have ultra.

As far as the Rush Upper Links, I would start off learning the harder, more effective links rather than have to re learn everything when you want to step your game up. (I wish I did, it would have saved me a lot of time.)

J.HK>St.HK>Cr.MP>EX-Rush Upper>Cr.LP>Cr.LP>Cr.MP>HP Buffalo Head I usually use this to follow up after my Dirty Bull stun or just about any stun. Or if I have the meter I throw in an extra Cr.LP>St.LP>Cr.MP>EX RU> to show off.

Cr.LP>Cr.LP>Cr.MP>HP Buffalo Head (And I wouldn’t go into my ultra from ANY variation of this combo unless I was desperate. It does the least amount of damage possible. Around 330 at 100%.)

I add Dash>Ultra to the list of things you should learn. Many matches have been won from this technique.

Now for my questions…

  1. The J.HK>St.HK>Cr.MP link. Any tips on landing this consistently? I’m at about 70% and I would love for it to be around 100%

  2. This Close Standing HP frametrap I’ve been hearing about, is there any particular way to hit it? Or do you just do it right above someone as they are getting up and if the try to tech the grab or mash something out at the last minute you get the counter hit Cl.St.HP which allows you to combo after?

I’ve been fooling around with it in the lab and you can link after the counter hit, and its a huge mind game. Here are a few combos I’ve figured out so far.

(After counter hit Close St. HP)

St.LP>EX RU>Follow up of choice.

PS. The Cr.LP>Cr.LP>EX RU, or EX RU>Cr.LP>Cr.LP isn’t that effective. If your going to do that you might as well add the Cr.MP to it since Cr.LP x2 does less stun and damage.

Well that should answer your question.

Depends on what you mean by competent. A general rule of thumb is to make sure that the combos you are doing are practical. Never waste meter doing needlessly flashy combos like 4x ex upper loops, or tacking on a super/ultra when you know damage scaling will turn the damage output to shit.

Back when I was practicing this, the timing was near instant, the timing for me at least, was surprisingly similar to the timing for the rush upper to jab. Try to press medium punch at just about the same time you hear the sound from the cl.HK. If you want to go the easy route you could always just do a standing jab to cr.medium punch, i believe you’re in range (but i could be wrong), but it hella scales whatever is to follow.

Only reason I even do the Cr.MP is for the extra damage and stun. I can do Cr.LK and St.LP 100% Surprisingly, I thought that EX RU>Cr.LP>St.LP>Cr.MP and EX RU>Cr.LP>Cr.LP>Cr.MP were going to be the harder links to learn. The J.HK>St.HK>Cr.MP link has proven to be a pain in my ass.

as cool as OH is, try not to abuse it. People can react to it, and punish. But sure, get that combo down. Learn ex upper combos, and I’d say definitely learn c.jab c.jab s.jab s.jab s.RH/c.RH

also, try to learn c.jab s.jab c.rh pretty good combo to learn, just a lil tough. to c.jab is a 1 frame

How does Balrog beat Bison? =(

What are your reactions to Ryu charging a focus attack at sweep range? Do you try to counter it, or just escape? I just want to see the general reaction…

Assume you have no meter and cannot just super or ultra it.

I try mashing jab and get counter hit focus attacked. =]


  • Overhead (Armour Break)
  • Smash (Armour Break)
  • HP HB (if you’re close you hit him and land on the other side for a combo of your choice)
  • C.HK FADC back (you need 2 EX bars and you can again after they release FA or dash punch/HB)
  • Back dash
  • Forward Dash throw
  • Jump forward throw

You can do all these. I tend to Jump forward throw or HB to the other side. They’re both risky and I probably should use smash to put him in the corner or overhead to combo but I often forget those 2 options.

I think with faster focus attack, Ryu’s FA would be at LVL 2 before any special breaks the focus (reacting with smash with normal reaction time), in which case ryu can just release the charge and punish/pressure.

I react with Fierce Headbutt a lot, but against the top players around here, I usually get punished more than I can escape.

Basically I think it is too risky to do anything but backdash, ultra, or super because a competitive player can react accordingly to anything else and either crumple you with a counterhit focus attack or dash cancel in or out

Defending against focus attack and establishing an offense against focus-attack-happy players is my biggest weakness and I want to see what other competitive rog players do to counter focus attacks

Not if you use an armour break ex dash punch. Maybe they can block if they forward dash cancel but you will catch them if they back dash cancel.

when i fight ryu 90% of the time im holding all 3 kicks whenever hes not near me. footsy him wit just punches and if u wanna let go of the 3 kicks find a time to let it go. wiff a far jab and let go right away. i usually let it go even after a few seconds to get level 1 only as the other ones have terrible recovery on block far or not. if u cant do that something simple like holding your own focus every now and then. it opens up and entirely new mind game though as u start guessing if hes going to backdash after he makes u absorb the hit or dash forward. if he connects and goes back, u let go then u wiff, have no dash and get swept. if he goes forward u get a crumple followed by the combo of your choice. u can tell 90% of the time when ryu is going to go forward or back especially when they try and rush u down with it. they usually only go back when they’re a defensive player, in mad defence mode etc. also if they have 2 ex stock 99% of the time they’ll dash forward.

sorry for jumbling that all up. if u want some tips on links pm me and ill talk 2 u about it later. tired and i wrote enough already

To focus break, I can usually walk in closer and cr. jab x2 st. jab > sweep to knock them out of FA. But even then sometimes I get crumpled. If it looks like he’s going for lvl 3 just jump back. Otherwise just block the FA.

I think a good thing to do is mix up your dash straight zoning with TAP. So when they start focus fishing your dash straights, you let off a TAP instead (lvl1 of course) which can be followed up by a juicy EX RU combo.

what’s the input like for dash super or dash ultra, are you trying to rebuild a charge during the dash or trying to just use the double forward as a single forward
(hold) below
(df)ffbf PPP
or (df)ff(d)fbf PP ?
or something else, I haven’t been able to do it in the few times i’ve tried, but I could just be trying wrong