"The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever"


Hostess’ comeback, Twinkies & other snack cakes to hit shelves July 15!



Drakes. You homeboys get Drakes? Been missing those Funny Bones.


I hear if you get really quiet on July 15, you’ll be able to hear the sound of expanding asses getting fatter.


Only fat people are excited about this news.


I would agree, but little in this world trumps walking into a gas station and leaving with a 40 of Colt 45 and a Hostess lemon pie.


Which sounds a lot like a walking bass line being played on a tuba.


I feel this is relevant to the case:




I’m happy for this news and I am a skinny nigga.


Same here. Looking forward to chocolate Zingers.


As usual, I’ma play devil’s food advocate and represent my love for dem Sno Balls. :tup:


Was that one big collective sigh of relief I just heard, or was it just labored breathing?


never underestimate americans desire for shitty snack food!



I’m laughing even harder now at the fatasses that spent like $100 on boxes of Twinkies a few months ago.


This can’t be a coincidence in the wake of the whole Paula Dean fiasco. It’s like the food gods have to keep the fattening somewhat in check. She’d probably have a welcome back salute to Twinkies where she replaced the cream filling with butter.


Nah, I actually saw that some company bought what was left of Hostess a few weeks ago, so this has been in the works.


We can summon the passion to resurrect Twinkies, but we can’t raise our standards in healthcare, education, or environmental stewardship. I weep for humanity.


Just because you’re physically skinny it does not mean you don’t have a inner fat man living within you.


never good

fight me