The switch from Vbulletin CMS to Wordpress

Hey, not sure if anyone will know this, but why did SRK switch over to WordPress from the Vbulletin CMS? Was it just to cut down on cost?The reason I’m asking is because I was thinking about trying out the Vbulletin CMS and wanted to know if it was ‘bad’ or something. I’m used Joomla, Wordpress, and Drupal. I was looking at the source code today and noticed they’re running wordpress now so I thought I’d ask.


The site is now running Xenforo instead of vB. I imagine it was an effort to get away from vB. Someone may chime in with a better answer.

oh yeah the forums are Xenforo, but the homepage is rocking wordpress, I was specifically wondering about that.

Understood. I’m saying when they moved away from vB for the forum they probably made the choice to leave the vB CMS.

vBulletin CMS is good. The problem is the security at the moment. It’s lacking a lot from vBulletin. IMO, vBulletin 3.7.x CMS is better than the vB4

hmmm ok, thanks for the answers guys

vbCMS is GOD AWFUL… Its why SRK is using Wordpress, instead of my XenForo Portal. vbCMS scared them so much of “built in cms/portal systems” that they didn’t even bother giving mine a chance (I use my portal at vbCMS gives CMS a bad name and should in no way ever be considered a “good” CMS. It can only be considered a disaster. But then again VB4 itself is a disaster and its the primary reason XenForo is picking up steam.

Because WordPress is a kickass blogging system. :wink:

They should try Xenporta next since it has better forum integration than wordpress.