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toward short short chains into itself doe


Even though it’s technically a self cancel, you should look at short short from Yun more like a link, because although the the frame data suggests that it has a 5 frame window compared to Ken’s 8, in reality, short short with Yun is only a 2 frame window, and short short with Ken is has a 10 frame window… Unlike Ken’s, you cannot buffer in Yun’s short’s during the hitting animation, meaning you have to delay it significantly over what’s shown in frame data in order to combo.

In comparison, for both Ibuki’s Short x2 and Mak’s Jab x2, the self cancel window is two frames. However, because of the hitstun and startup of Ibuki’s short, the window for doing short short for her is 1 frame, but Mak’s is 2 frames.


Here’s the cancel info on hit from esn’s site for ken:


Here it is for yun:


The difficulty probably depends on the size of the “sc” (self cancel) window.


I hope that this is the right place to post this but I made a [url"How to block Urien’s Aegis unblockables about how to block Urien’s unblockables here.
It would be great if someone could perform some testing to see if the info is correct or not - I’d like to correct any mistakes I might have made.
coughTelesniper please help cough


Was floating around a Japanese 3s site that’s more than likely been referenced here in the past (, and upon examining its section on juggling I realized that the juggling post on the first page of this thread is a bit… imprecise. Maybe not inaccurate for most situations, but apparently not a complete description assuming the Japanese site is correct.

Perhaps a newer post on these forums has been written since then to reflect (or refute) this? Apologies if so; I haven’t seen it.

Video that illustrates this “Window for Possible Follow-up Strike.”


Why does it feel like someone can tap down all day (down-parry fishing) to much more success than tapping forward?

I know that more attacks can be parried low, but is the missed-parry recovery period higher for tapping down? For some reason I feel like if I waddle back and forward, the chances of getting a parry is far less than tapping down


Down and forward parry is the same window. 10 frame window and the recovery (where you can attempt a parry again) is longer. this 10 frame window gets cut off short when you don’t return the stick to neutral or input the stick into another direction.


so you’re saying it’s just the nature of tapping forward vs tapping down?
like that as a player we might linger on forward every so slightly more when tapping forward as opposed to down?

and so we might lose a frame or so more often on forward than down parries?

down parry is always the same for your hand no matter your orientation also.


Ah, so THAT’s where Game Restaurant went! When I wrote those posts near the beginning of this thread a billion years ago, my information came from them. I’m sure a lot more about the system was discovered since then on their Youtube videos. If anyone that knows Japanese would like to translate the new info, be my guest.


My Japanese is pretty awful, but I do have a patchwork-like understanding of what’s going on through what I’ve read/experimented with. I’ll put together something that hopefully others can verify/authenticate/yell at for being unreadable.


I finally get why Sggk works and the input. But when is a good time to do it? After throwing an enemy? Also cant they hit you with s.lp or (something that has to be parried high) or will the kara throw eat that up


use sggk if your opponent is using crouch tech to defend against throws


I think it’s not that good. beats one thing, loses to several other things. yeah like pherai said it blows up crouch tech but that’s the only big use for it. and there’s other other solutions to crouch tech. heck you can just walk up and fish low if you expect crouch tech and blow them up without making as definite a commitment to one option.

also I think it’s a marker of 3s game knowledge posers lol. every internet guy who wants to prove he knows about 3s will always name drop SGGK or make Chun back fierce jokes. pretty lame!


Isnt it good for getting out supers on the opponent? Like get within throw range and then if the normal hits, do the super? A lot of advance players I know mention that its important to learn. The only thing I dont like it is the timing of it is pretty strict and you have to execute it right everytime to uield good results.


parry itself isn’t a ‘solution’ in 3S. you parry something, the situation has changed but there are so many possibilities depending on character and what was parried.
so you parry and then do close roundhouse or something (part of your sggk), oops the other guy expecting it did something and beats the roundhouse.

so really if you just paid attention, parried, waited for parry freeze, and then did stuff in response, you would be much better off than guessing using sggk. you would see what you parried specifically and know what the options are for your opponent. so you could make a guess with as much information as possible.


Technically you can use SGGK outside of beating crouch tech.

Inputting SGGK for jump ins or divekicks you’ll get Kara throw for empty jump ins/divekicks OR parry + normal move coming out if you parry the divekick or jump in.

I haven’t practiced it and don’t use it. Gesu yarou told me he does that for jump ins sometimes and in a Kuroda + nuki commentary video they brought it up for an option dealing with empty or low-ankle-hitting divekicks. not sure how common it is (guessing not very commonly used) or how often people who might use it go for this. Some players like KO don’t use techniques at all or often so…


that’s a really good way of using it. hadn’t thought of that situation before, that’s one where it makes a lot of sense, especially because of how tricky the spacing can be with divekicks. need to try and remember that next time i play yang/yun.


Other people use it in scramble situations like if an opponent is somewhere between -1 and +1 and also in your face. It’s a time to make a quick guess I suppose.


ha thats clever! funny cause i used to use crouch tech to defend against empty dive kicks. thats quite a bit better