The System Mechanics Thread


For all the fluff we get about ESN’s data being useful, none of you guys ever acknowledge push boxes.



Wait, hold on - you can OS whether a super comes out based on whether a UOH hits or not? Because that’s what I’m seeing in Ryan’s vid, and it doesn’t look like DED either. If so, can someone tell me how? (It definitely isn’t included in vandarkholme’s vid about option selects)


Yea super doesn’t come out. Has to do with the timing you recover if they get hit or guard. It’s not really an option select because you don’t want to be imputing super and risk a leak. It’s best to just confirm the hit. It’s not difficult.


Always wondered is this rule foolproof for attack bonus taunts? seems more to it sometimes


I had no idea where to put this, so I might as well post it here.
Recently there was a video showing a Tachi Gigas being executed while the player’s hands are displayed. What was different about this compared to other videos I’ve seen was how it was executed.
He tapped down(or I think downback?), had the stick on neutral, walked forward slightly and then did 360+P.

I tried this method myself, and it actually worked!

Note: That first Gigas in the video was the 2nd time I managed to pull it off so I was really, REALLY happy.

The timing is pretty strict…or maybe my execution’s just bad because I can only get this down once every 5-6 tries.
Sorry if it’s not anything new, but I’m just getting off the high of finally doing a Tachi Gigas lol


It may be harder cause of the 360/720 timer reset (similar to charge resets), making it kinda “aleatory” doable.

Could you record this again but with the Kaiten view displayed on screen? May be helpful to see timers behavior with this trick.


…y’know what, I should’ve done that.
I’ll do it once I get home later today.


Sorry for the double post, but here’s the video you requested @ESN .

Recorded this with MAME’s vid recorder so I had a harder time getting it out.

Kaiten View helped out a lot with showing the input. As you can see the timing between the down tap and forward walk is fast enough where down is still stored.

I didn’t really use the bars for timing, just the arrows. lol


Does anyone know the maximum number of partitions you can split a charge into? 4 partitions was the max I could do in my tests.

So for example you can tap forward 3 times while building up Urien’s charge and his tackle will still come out. You can split the charge into 4 partition. But if you add a 5th partition then the charge doesn’t work.


It’s not an ‘amount’ it’s a period of time. Check the training tool others have posted, it uses an emulator.


I am not talking about the time required to equip the charge. The time is about 2 seconds. What I meant was, how many partitions the game lets you split that 2 seconds into. Of course if you charge over 2 seconds then partition doesn’t work.

The maximum partitions I broke it down into was 4 parts. Not many practical uses for this information though.


You may want to check what koh has pointed to you, you’ll be able to understand how charges really work and will have your answer.
And the correct number for charge length, instead of your ‘about 2 seconds’…


I understand what KOH means but you are misunderstanding my point. I understand about the emulator and had already tested on it before posting here. Is my communication skills that bad? I only said “about 2 seconds” to try make my whole point simpler. Of course its not a matter of seconds but a matter of how many frames your put your stick in back/down.

You don’t have to complete all of it in 1 go, you can split it into parts. My point was how many parts its possible to split it into. I had already used the emulator to test and I could split it into 4 parts at max. But this topic was just for satisfying my curiosity and has no practical use so nevermind…


Charge length is 43 frames, which is less than half of your ‘~2 sec’, quite a large error.
Koh talked about ‘training tools’ which uses emulator, not emulator only.
What do you know about charge reset mechanism? This is what will give you your answer, which is also 43 btw.


Yeah, I know, that’s what I meant. I already used the training tools with the emulator for all that.
Believe me I know about the charge reset mechanism and played with it too.
But nevermind this topic.

Though I guess my sense of 2 seconds time is really bad… always had a poor sense of time


two seconds is an eternity.
theoretically you can split it into as many parts as you can fit into before the reset kicks in. there is no limit based on times you’ve split the charge.
your assumptions which led to your question were wrong from the start. which is why koh and esn responded as they did. if you understand what you saw in vids/emulator then you’d never ask the question.


Don’t you know the entire brane runs on the same single impulse.

God you’re such a fucking idiot sometimes.


I don’t know where to put this. I just keep forgetting where it is, so here is the Crystal Cube’s scrolling input display lua script for FBA-rr.
Also, how’s everyone doing?


General question, I don’t have a version of the game with a training mode to test:

So if I jump in on a Ken or Chun, and they parry my jump in attack, do they then now get a free, guaranteed cMK into super?


Not necessarily, but maybe…_98% of the time? Super jumps mean you land quicker. Do your jump in off of one with an late starting and brief recovery recovery and you can expect to block or parry upon landing. This sj is actually the only way to do a few of the more fancier combos, set ups, etc.

Bigger reason than that, some normals flicker during rotation animations and unless its the same chunk of jump or parry every time, he or she will have to adjust.