The Taboo Thread of Greatest Fighting Game Ever

I remember working a small game shop in Tribeca some years back and one day getting into a debate with some store regulars about what the greatest fighting game is/was. As pointless as the conversation was, it sure made for some entertaining arguments (both, profound and slap-stick humorous). Tears of laughter rolled down my cheeks as individuals insisted (passionately) upon titles like Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, and Eternal Champions. Voices amplified and tempers flared.

At that point I realized just how taboo the topic of “best fighting game ever” was. Entertaining, nonetheless.


What’s the Greatest Fighting Game Ever? Lists and debates welcomed.

For the would-be Captain Obvious: Yes. Greatest fighting game ever is a very subjective and most often pointless argument. This is well-understood by any partially intelligent individual. Save the needless input for another thread.

SF of course

and by that I mean Shaq Fu

Eternal Champions.

i second this

Real talk though…

There was this arcade port for the Genesis that played something like an SNK game (foreground and background levels) and allowed you to pick from about 3 characters or so. There could be like 3 or 4 characters on screen at once. It wasn’t Pit Fighter, either. The stages scrolled and character sprites were drawn; not digitized.

I remember playing the game sometime around 1989 (maybe 1990) but I can’t remember the name. That game left a big impression on me.

Kung Fu for the NES.

Hungry-hungry hippo gets a nod for sweat inducing fatal four way.



Garou mofos.

No need to post Hecatom! I got you covered!:tup:

Guilty Gear.

Art of Fighting 1

King of Fighters '93

Don’t tell me you haven’t played that.

Fighting Masters

sadly, this is the game that got me into fighters…not sf2
I played this shit for at least 2 hours a day, 5 days a week with friends. It was a riot back then :rofl:

Megaman 7 hidden VS. mode

Rise 2 Resurrection, until I found Steppenwolfs infinite :sad:

I’m gonna say Cyberbots maybe, for now… HnK is crazy too. But lots of great new ones are coming this year.

Omfg, I had no idea this existed. That is awesome.


I think this is where they got the idea for Balrog’s Ultra.

Ahhh, but what about MegaMan: The Power Battle?

Megaman, Protoman, or Bass…OMG TOO MANY CHOICES

I thought you couldn’t actually fight each other in that one? Only coop? Not sure if it counts, is more like a Red Earth/Warzard thing.

No, you could fight each other…I’m pretty sure about that

EDIT: dammit, now you have me doubting myself…yeah no you are right. 7 was the only one with vs. :frowning:

What about BloodStorm…now there was a highly technical game

Warzard does have a vs mode though. apparently it’s godawful, but it’s there. lol
Oh, best 3D FG ever is Soul Calibur 2. This is scientific fact.