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The name sucks however im open to suggestions

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posting in a bpr thread

and we said no, no, no

What you call rehab, I call home.

Delly, just read you post that you’re looking for a roomie, that apt you got is GDLK! I don’t think I could afford half of rent though… :frowning:

I’ll talk to you next time I see you, probably Sunday. btw, instead of streaming, can we use the store’s internet connection to watch MLG or NCR?

Jason, we can stream and watch the streams without a problem and we will be doing both.

in the words of BrooklynSmooth: “man… you too strong!” :slight_smile:

I am Delly… Sorry if you expected anything less

Our game like an M16, yo shit broken vending machine.

last night ended properly at 4:30 am… Good times

Yea but did it end with Doritos Tacos?
*protip - any answer other than yes, is irrelevant and insignificant.
*protip 2 - go get Doritos Tacos if you havent already
*protip 3 - get doritos tacos even if you’ve had it before.

sfxt is fun but it’s no sf4.

From what I remember there was no dorito tacos…

Scott Hall!

gonna be at serenity tomorrow (today)

I want to get some 3s in before I leave, someone hit me up

A Tampa thread made by someone from the Bay Area?! Oh shit! LOL…

…fLoE is right about SFxT, as far as timing out goes. The question is, what can sensibly be done?

This, but…

…not this!

There’s still time to get to Sore Thumbs in Tampa.
UMvC - 3pm
SSF4 AE 2012 - 5pm
Mortal Kombat (need at least 8 pre-registered participants) - 7pm
SFxT doubles - 7pm
SFxT singles - 8pm

Serenity was hype today thanks for hosting delly

Thanks for coming out Sarasota heads, good times with KOF :slight_smile: