no one is safe…

Doubt I make it to Serenity this time around. Still tentative, though…

We’re starting it late… like 7-8ish

Don’t let me take your points.

Marc, fucking win Breakers Revenge!!!

only charlie, sosa and brian showed up lol

I might being going this Tuesday for serenity try to get that mvc3 hype lolol

edit : never mind going to will’s tomorrow

Yeah with me planning on going to SB, I need to get games in whenever I can for the next two weeks.

How the Ranbat go?

Rock paper scissors results

Sosa 7
Brian 5
Charlie 3
Ricky 2
Erik 1

Breakers Revenge (alleged results)

Erik 7
Charlie 5
Sosa 3
Ricky 2
Brian 1 (weaksauce)


Ricky 7
Brian 5
Sosa 3 (all i do is get top 5)
Charlie 2
Erik 1


Brian 7
Sosa 5 (top 5)
Ricky 3
Erik 2
Charlie 1

LMAO at the thread title Will… We need to start jumping niggas in

No Livingston’s this week. We’re doing it every 1st and 3rd wednesday of each month for now, so the next one is next week, Oct 5th.

I’m bored again, which character should i play next? :3
comb0s please

U should play mr s

i want long, inefficient and needless combos to keep me busy for the next month or two until i get bored again breh. dudlers? idk

I dont get this. At the tournament saturday, i was fighting against a strong juri. He beat me the first match, i beat him the sencond and we were now down to the final game. First round goes smooth until the end when I made a poor decision which ended up costing me the round. Next round i bodied him and ended it quick(thanks to eryu 450+ comb0s). So here I am, last round last game having used up 95% of my tricks… I was thinking, if i lose this im out…FUCK. Last round was tough, by this time we both knew what each were trying to do and just had good reads all around.

Coming down to the wire, both of us being at about 15% hp and I get a forward throw into the corner. This leads into my best 50/50 mix up which also happens to be a safe jump… I go for the Meaty safe jump dive kick on his wake up, knowing there isnt much he can do since ive tagged an OS on to that bitch. RIGHT as the meaty as fuck divekick hits, he it to me making me lose the match…

try a new game?

Black Star… 10/2… who else is in that shit?


Jon - Gen

Straz Center/Carol Morsani Hall

they’re performing the entire album from start to finish.

Chun li man, you like 99 hit combos with a full super bar