Hey guys, We’re having a tourney up in Tallahassee

Hope to see you guys there!

I will probably follow this advice. Thank you =D. Unfortunately I am still in the process of learning and memorizing BnBs I basically have learned how to follow up from normals and a few drive cancels but I don’t have the timing for HD combos down. At least I know how to go into Neo Maxes if I need to

goro anything D

Iori (98) anything rekka

it’s really all you need to know

dammit delly it’s too soon to share the unblockables with the guy

hmm I probably will get the Iori with the power of the flames and try him out

Yo, this is DancingFighterG. Hello Tampa scene, the SuperCon 2K Series of the National Video Game Association (NVGA) will be hosting the game room for the MegaCon Sci-Fi convention in February. We would love your support in attending this game room and showing what Florida gaming is about. Check out the thread here: [Feb 17, 2012] SuperCon 2K Series - MegaCon Sci-Fi Convention Game Room (Orlando, FL)

GGs yesterday guys :slight_smile:


I got a new video card today, so I can stream games with high quality settings now! No more sf4 pc with stages off and shit lol. Check out the stream sometime, and follows are always appreciated :3

So who all is goin to serenity on Sunday?



me… what time you cats coming in… just so i know when i need to open the place up?

if anyone is hosting on new years day post up time and location and i’ll be there. i’ve scrubbed out with layers of rust.

edit: SC5 countdown coming up!

Mike said he wants to be leaving here around 12:30ish, so we’ll probably be up that way around 1:30 to 2 roughly




Serenity Games will be open on New years day for Casuals starting at 12:00.

darn, can’t hit up serenity right now until i’m completely setup and settled in tampa. anyone have something local in the tampa area in the meantime on new years day?

whats up tampa thread? i live in sarasota and it was suggested that i come in here and post to find some sets. anyone in my area looking to play? also im not against traveling to tampa. 7187083387 someone hit me up.