The Taunt



This thread is focused on landing the taunt in a fight whether just once or a spiffy good multitude of times…

why would capcom give a character that long of a taunt? i think it could be used as a pressure technique to make the oppponent charge forward after remy while he’s doing it, perhaps this could be set up so remy recovers in time to take advantage of the fact the opponent put there guard down to leap or dash after remy just to nail him.

what r ways that other remy players land this taunt? do u normally try for this taunt during a match? does anyone know if this taunt effects the stun damage of his booms like it does for his normals?

i think it’s possible to land this taunt in a number of different ways, especially if u anti air someone with both hits of the ex booms.

i think i wanna get to the point or level of playing remy where i can efficiently land a maximum of 4 taunts per round by playing keep away and using the sonic boom barrages so the opponent has to constantly parry and jump forward to advance. that right there is the way to land this taunt. the reward for it in my opinion is worth trying to learn how to fit this in, even if the stun damage increase is only for the next attack.

(plus it probably makes the opponent might angry if someone gets away with this in a heated battle lol)


Heh, I think this is the only way, actually. All the rest, your opponent has enough time to get up and kick your ass before you stop humming. I wonder if you can cancel the first hit of an EX flash with a taunt, that would be sweet (since even the first hit sends em up in the air).

Sometimes when I have a huge advantage in a particular round I’ll taunt anyways since I’ll still have about a third of my life after they pull even their biggest combo on me.


when you taunt after you beat that guy… does it work?


no lotus no…

only works during the round, i dont know f this is true or not but it seems that the taunt might actually change the stun on the booms as well.


About cancelling into taunts, i think that 3S only allows u to cancel standard-cancel moves (not super cancelling) into taunts. For example, Shotos

Since an EX flash can only be cancelled into a super (super cancel), it is not possible to cancel it into a taunt.

By super cancelling i mean cancelling a special into a super.


This Just In… Remy’s taunt aint that long at all.

taunting with Remy does not effect the stun damage on his booms, so u can repeatably hit opponents with anti air booms (keeping them away) and keep taunting and u’ll never lose the stun damage advantage from the taunts as long as u dont physically hit the opponent with any normals, special moves (except for LOV’s), or supers… this could be ALOT of fun to see how many taunts u can get in because after 3, Remy is a beast (after 3 taunts a jumping fierce, crouching strong, short RRF does a little more than half stun on ken).

notable comboes that r stunning weapons would be…

jumping fierce, standing fierce, short RRF (just found out today that the short version does the most stun damage from, the ex RRF does more tho)

jumping fierce, crouching fierce, short CBK, short RRF

each of those comboes does easily half or more than half stun on anyone.

i think Remy is less about damage (even tho he can hurt) and more about stunning personally because of that great taunt and keep away game with his booms so he has enough time to taunt.

perhaps a truly top tier Remy REQUIRES for the player to land the taunts in the round.



another combo thats does a little under the stun damage of the j. fierce, cr. fierce, short CBK, short RRF (does like 1 point of stun under) would be…

j. fierce, st. forward, jab LOV, cr. short, short RRF… that combo for some reason is easier to do for me than the jumping fierce into crouching fierce link.

a 3 taunted remy can do 80% stun on ryu with any of those comboes…


The only problem is getting those three taunts, I suppose.

I find it’s not so easy to get those taunts in even when using the LoV keepaway strategy. Even if you knock them down with something that takes a long time for them to recover, sends them far away, and lets remy recover quickly, such as an air-connected cbk, they’ll still have time to get up and bust a huge combo after dashing in. I think even if they don’t quick rise.


only real problem is the quick rise, anti air them with a trick high normal jab LOV they jump over it and as soon as u see them in the air send over a low ex LOV, the ex low will swing up and clip them in the ankle(or better both will hit just before they land) as a one hit, watch it like a hawk because once it hits them hit the taunt because they will be hit, get air stunned for like a second and then float to the ground, plenty of time for a taunt if u do it AS SOON as the LOV hits, for added in insurance charge a ex RRF while u taunt so u can do it while they r dashing in (invincible start up!!!)

i think u could successful land the taunt if u have enough meter to burn on ex LOVs :rolleyes:


Like you guys have pointed out, and anti-air EX LOV or CBK might give you enough time. Perosnally, I think its ludicrous. I love to taunt but I simply can’t do it with Remy.


Flying Elbow (when the guy is in the air…and then dash backwards) + taunt


when the guy jumps towards you and you cbk… works too… but don’t smack the guy with strong or whatever…


i got an interesting idea… …**i think the taunt linking that with SAIII… **

but you gotta be at the end of the other screen and knocking the guy down first… and then TAUNT… and then when they come at you… BANG!

see the thing is most greedy people won’t just throw a projectile… but will jump and try a combo… hahah… hmmm i gotta experiment on this


Yeah, make sure these things work even when they quick rise, because some people might be lazy the first time around but once they’re wise to your tricks, the quick rise is gonna make that taunt turn into a huge combo courtesy of ken or chun li, most likely


thats a good idea!

forward CBK anti air tho cus that gives them the most air time when they r falling to the ground. maybe the end frames to the taunt can be canceled into the super? the end frames of Remy’s standing forward can.


Taunt cancel into a flash kick on an air counter. :smiley:


is that possible?

ppl shouldnt post crap that aint possible… most of tis stuff r wish lists u wish could happen… maybe a BN after the taunt is possible… if u got the opponent down to no life whatsoever and u had a truck load to experiment with.

CBK into BN is the best non red parry way to use it


2 good 2 b true

CURSES, everdred!

u got me all excited about this half-stun-off-the-three-PA’s thingy, and come to find out u only revealed the half-truth.

after reading this forum, i decided to reseach 4 myself if the frenchman could REALLY do half stun. im a pesimist, so naturally i had 2 confirm.

anywayz, i goto training, choose remy against ken. i do 1 PA and try out the jump fp, low strong,sht rrf combo. there wasnt a noticeable increase in stun so i go 4 the full 3…“GOTTDAMN, look at that stun. this sh*t is rediculous.” i wait 4 the stun to go down and repeat the above combo when i noticed something.

uuumm, what happend to all that stun i did b4? my guess is that the stun damage resets after the 3 PAs followed by a successful hit/combo(or if they block). time 4 further analysis.

i do 1 PA, then the above combo, and i repeat this twice more but im not dealing that insane stun from b4…AH, CRAP!! i get it now.


thats right. u’ve gotta SOMEHOW pull of 3 back-to-back PAs b4 hitting your opponent in order 2 deal “half-stun”. the stun damage resets itself each time u hit(blocked or not) or grab your opponent( oh, yeah, its does stun 4 his grabs too). now explain 2 me how im 'sposedta pull this off.

i applaud u 4 your AMASING discovery( and the fact that u shared it w/ the 3s community) but next time, give the remy noobs(like me) the FULL details.

oh well, remy doesnt need 3 taunts to win anyway…he’s too damn sexy to lose:eek: :cool:

damn im :lame:


if u hit with LOV it doesnt reset the stun damage IIRC. so running away by dashng and only throwing LOV could be done, but thats near impossible.

o and the stun damage from the taunt i didnt discover i learned that from remy stryker