The TE stick, love it and hate it!

So I have played with the gamepad for the last month. I got good with it. But I just dropped a lot of money for TE stick because I want to take this game more seriously, but it’s a completely different ball game with the stick.

I want to get better with it, but I am having a hard time getting used to it. The moves are a ton harder to do, and I want to know what current TE stick owners (or other stick owners) can tell me what is the best way to hold the stick.

I have seen many videos where players use part of fingers, hands, palms, to use the stick. Though, I sometimes have to use my whole hand (all fingers) to do some moves, like a SRK. This might not be the best way, if it’s my preference or not. What is the most efficient way to do these moves, or hold the stick?

I have read this site:

Is this the best way?

it’s all about personal preference; there is no orthodox way to use it. I hold the stick like a pen though, pushing back with my thumb and front with my middle finger.

read some of this.


I used to hold japanese sticks with my ring finger sorta cupped under the ball but found that limited my ability to do shoryuken motions when on the 2P side. I now hold it with my finger tips which took some getting used to but im much better at doing uppercut and 2x qcf motions from 2p side.

You must master the stick like a fisherman masters his bait.

i hold it between my ring and pinky finger, palm facing up. i think the size of your hands plays a matter. could by why most americans prefer bat tops.

I never thought of this method, though now I have realized that I have seen it before.

Any my bad, I should have searched more thoroughly.

Since I’ve switched it to a bat top, I cradle the top in the web between my forefinger and thumb, which lets me switch to whater postition I need for the move I’m doing. When it was a ball top, though, I had the shaft between my middle and ring finger, which again allowed me to change position to suit the move rather well.

Check out this thread and this post.

Those should be helpful.

As for my own experience, I decided to start trying to learn stick once I realized that I was most definitely going to be picking up an xbox and SFIV. I played the console versions on pad but was never that good so I wanted to try and take things more seriously this time around. Transition has been a tough one but it is well worth it I think.

I basically play like [media=youtube]q_BEl4iZlj0&feature=channel_page"[/media] Fei Long player.

It’s kind of funky I think but it works for me. I tried playing with what seem to me to be more common ways of manipulating the stick, but they didn’t suit me.

That sounded like a terrible innuendo.

the dichotomy I always found interesting was that between the people who keep contact with the stick at all times and those who have short period when they are not touching the stick.

I was just trying to help. It wasn’t a stab at your thread.

Oh no, I thank you. I just have witnessed people getting blazed for not searching so I was saying thanks, as well as sorry, if I irritated anyone by making a post that could have been put elsewhere.

I cannot play with the ball joysticks, cannot pull off my moves.
I have big hands so U.S style for me. I grew up playing u.s arcades.

I am really good with the controller, I cannot pull off focus combos and other combos so I ordered the t.e stick.

We will see how it goes. Its a 50/50 chance for me just gotta wait n see

BTW buddy who made this forum - TRY changing the ball to a sanwa battop!!! and get a octagonal gate.

Where can I find both the bat top and the octagonal gate?

I tought so to! until i cleared everything til Challange 3 on hard with Sagat, and i felt like, hmm… i maybe can do this :smiley:

Once the fisherman master his bait, he will become the ultimate master baiter

doesnt work with ps2 games

hate it