The Team Name Thread

We’ve all done it at one point, be it for this game, Marvel, or any other team based fighter. Instead of fretting about the game, let’s have some fun with team names. I’ll start off with a few. It’s probably for the best we keep it to confirmed/all but confirmed characters.

Juri/Poison - Hot Whore
Juri/Dhalsim - Bad Romance
Juri/Julia - Naughty and Nice
Lili/Asuka - The Misfits (or at least part of it)

Steve/Dudley- Studley
Dragunov/Abel- Sambo or CAM60
And it wasn’t until I reread the thread that I saw that you requested only confirmed characters… sorry ; ;

sfxt / me - team fantasy


Team Red Ribbon Army

Poison / Sodom
[LEFT]- Team Sodomy -[/LEFT]
(if Sodom was in the game in the first place - maybe Heihachi and his Alt. could fill the gap)

Poison / Rolento
** - Team Venento -**
(Most won’t get the pun if you don’t know at the first glance: “veneno” is portuguese/spanish for “poison” - so I just mashed “veneno” and “Rolento” together. The name sounds pretty nice to me. Also they’re the only confirmed characters that grab my interest for now.)

Hugo / Asuka **
** - Team “I’m a Giant” -

(Sounds obviousenough - yay for more Jem references, too.)

Poison / Leo
- Team Trap -
(No pattern, no form, NO GENDER. If Leo is in, of course. The reason behind the naming is also pretty obvious - plus, we have another Misfits/Jem references to go along with it.)

Poison / Alisa
** - Team Jem -**
(If Alisa is in the game, that is - I’d die use both together. Name is also a no-brainer.)


I’d write more, but I’ll just leave these. I’m not hyped for this game like in the old days. And my KoF XIII just arrived.

Ass In Your Face/ Bear in the Big Blue Alt
Kuma(in mika alt) and Mika(if she made it in)

Pretty In Pink
Poison and Alisa

Beauty and the Beast

Booty and the Beast
Mika and Hugo
Cammy and Hugo

I’ve always preferred the ‘shipper’ method of team names, combining the two characters to make one name
so as long as Juri makes it in: Team Churi (chun + juri) is for me—otherwise Ibuki and chun making Team Chuki will be my team of choice

King/Kazuya Team offensive but not really

Bob/Sagat Team Danny Taylor

Ryu/Ken Team best friends

Lili/Hugo Team Mad Gear (seriously if someone asks me about who someone plays ill say Mad Gear)

Raven/Chun Li Team Minority Report

Dee Jay/Lee Team Hitmonlee…(kidding)

Karin/Law Team Shadow Ace

Yun/Rufus Dive Bombers

Blanka/Sean Team Dan

Bear Trap (Poison/Kuma) is still the greatest team name ever.

I love how the OP said “confirmed characters only” and yet everyone is mentioning characters who aren’t in the game.

Eleonora’s is a girl. She’s also not confirmed for this game.

  1. I know that Leo’s a girl (even since her announcement, since Harada did told that she was a woman back in the day. But there are people still in denial, claiming that she’s a trap and all is still fun just for the heck of it. For the record, even if Capcom ret-conned Poison to be a woman or whatever, people would still bitch and call her a trap/tranny/etc. And of course, you’re missing the joke - one of Leo’s quotes being referenced - with a twist.
    Plus, “gender” is not a word that carries the same meaning as “sex”. Please learn some semantics, 'kay?

  2. If Leo is in, of course - reading comprehension works wonders, you know;

  3. If the roster wasn’t so bland until now, people would talk more about the confirmed characters. Poison does stand out for a reason - just because she’s only the new playable character of the Capcom side, while the Tekken side is nothing more than a scrub/casual roster.

If you have a bone to pick, take it to PMs.

Still not in the game. If this were Unity, I’d be handing out warnings for being off topic already.



Team Sexy Fatness


Team Tramp and the aspiring whore

Complicated Trap

Juri and Cody means “Antiauthority”.

E: Where does “confirmed” start? Juri and Cody are both strongly hinted, but afaik nobody ever outright said they were in the game?!
Is there even a concise, updated list on confirmed / strongly hinted characters? - Is the Wiki page updated?

Juri can be seen in one of the teasers. Various parts of her can be recognized and it’s clear she’s standing in one of the SFxT stages. Cody has a chance of being in because of the cinematic trailer of Poison/Hugo vs Marduk/King and due to a Facebook message of Cody’s voice actor from SSFIV hinting Cody’s inclusion. Juri is in for sure, Cody… 50/50.

Rolento/Abel: Team "Lovin’ the Army"
Guile/Paul: Team "Flashy Haircut"
Cammy/Abel: Team “Blonde Pet Keepers”

Cole/ Toro or Kuro: Cole and The Cat.

King/Kuma - Primal Instinct
Steve/Nina - Bloodline thickness
Guile/Any divekick character - Team airforce
Juri/Chun-Li - Team schoolgirl crush~
Lilli/Rufus - Goldilocks (Alternatively lolex)
Hugo/Zangief - Huge Wrestling Army

Damn, bruddas can’t have fun? It’s not like fights are breaking out.