The Tears of a Sagat Competition... FREE MONEY for sagat users



What you have to do

-Upload a video of yourself on youtube where you must cry actual tears about the damage nerf to Sagat, you must state you only played Sagat because he is god tier and you are a complete trash player without the god tier. You must say ‘this is for the bisonboon tears of a Sagat competition’ and that’s all. This is serious. When you are about to upload your video I will PM you my paypal details so you know this is legit. If we have many people keen on the ‘tears of a sagat’ competion we will have a top three. Not the tears must be real or believable as possible.

So go, make your video, pm me, exchange details, win free money.


how much money will you give me


and will you make a similar competition for whoever is sagat tier in super because i’m gonna play them when it drops


Here we have something curious.

OP has obvious disdain for Sagat players. Even if we supposed it true that all Sagat players lack skill and so therefore play Sagat to have a magic I Win button, who is more pathetic? These folk, or a person that had an idea on the toilet that he rushed to his computer to type out, wherein he will part with real money to find comfort in smug self-satisfaction?

You can’t beat Sagat, so you have to buy a moral victory over him? Dude. Walk away.


Welcome back. See you later.