The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thread; IDW's new series has begun!


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Wish they’d continute or finish the Vol. 4 series, it’s been dead for nearly 3 years now =(
Also sameface-


Bump! Issue no. 1 is out, so make sure to pick it up!
I’ll update the first post with a recommendation list eventually =)


I called ahead of time and had an issue put in my folder, if I enjoy it, will add to my pull list.

Also like I told Tizoc, TMNT/Transformers crossover should happen.


I enjoyed the first issue. Will be back for the second!


Just got my stuff, will read it later tonight but I added it to my pull list.


Suit yourself but the big problem here is that most of the original Mirage run has not been collected in TPBs. Eastman’s holding it up. He’s annoyingly deciding which stories happened and which stories didn’t (UGH… none of the stories happened it’s a comic… FAIL…) and they say he wants to George Lucas a few things and change stuff. So yeah…

I guess you can go into the Archie and Image stuff but almost all of that is inferior to the original series IMHO.

Me? I’d recommend tracking down any Mirage issues you can find or just starting with the new issue that came out. I just hope Eastman stops being a prick and lets Rick Veitch and other indy guys get a few stories in there. The non Eastman / Laird era is probably my favorite run in the book. Issue 30, Sky Highway is easily my favorite TMNT comic of all time.


what cover did everyone get? I got Leonardo. I wanted Raphael but the spine was bent >_>


I don’t remember which cover I got. I had it reserved so they probably just gave me the first one they saw. Lol I prefer the turtles all wearing red bandanas personally but I guess it’s not helping me remember which cover I have ATM.

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The all red bandannas confuses the hell outta me, I guess now they have different skin hues but still. I know it’s classic/OG but I liked the different colors =/

Also I guess my hopes of seeing Bebop and Rocksteady are slim to none.


You know back when the first cartoon came out I wondered why in the world a ninja would wear orange or purple so can’t say I liked the change. Of course now we live in an age when the entire cast of Naruto are ninjas, Mai Shiranui is a ninja and hell Earthquake from Samurai Showdown / Spirits is a ninja. Even SF Guy with his red sneakers is a ninja. I guess my perspective of what a ninja is supposed to look like has been obscurred by… Japan? :rofl:

Can’t say I mind it much, but I think when you give them different color bandanas and have the first letter of their name on their belt buckle well that’s a bit overkill… And yeah the original comics were going for a Frank Miller-esque feel, so not sure the new colors would fly, at least in the new comic. But hey the original comics were black and white so there’s that.

The last TMNT cartoon made nods to Bebop and Rocksteady before the big cartoon crossover and there’s already a general Krang in the new comic. I wouldn’t rule them out showing up in this comic somehow.

Lol at least you’re not like me and waiting on Sky Highway’s Hildagaard Rail or the vastly improved rendition of Renet with blonde hair showing up. I know I’m not holding my breath.


Issue #2 was great, the dialogue between Raph and Casey was good. Also the ending, SQUEE!!!


AYO not to spoil things but MAKE SURE you pick up the Raphael issue. You will be very happy. :cool:

Seriously if anyone is following the series you need to pick this up. Major TMNT characters get their first IDW appearance in this issue.

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By Raphael issue you mean #4? Cuz I read it and it was really nice, now let’s see where the series is going from here =)


No after issue 4 Raphael had his own single issue that came out Wednesday. Full title is ‘Micro - Series TMNT Raphael.’ Michelangelo is next.

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Oh I see thanks, will read it next week =)


Happy people are still reading this. That Raph micro was bad ass, I’m happy my LCS picked it up for me even though I never mentioned it to them (still can’t seem to pick up DD #7 tho.) I really love the turtles and the new mutant in Raph issue.

Also last page :dead:


Man that Raph one shot was niiiiiiiiiiiiiice and I’m glad to see them progressing the story X3
[SPOILER=]Fox girl might be based off Ninjara from the Archie comics I think[/spoiler]


Issue 5 was awesome! They answered a lot of questions but not all of them. Still really interesting! The Michelangelo issue comes out next week too.


Michelangelo issue was dope. I was kind of hoping for a Christmas story because there was a great X-Man story in the old Mirage comics where Michelangelo takes after a kitten. Still a New Year’s story is a nice way to switch it up. More timely too with New Years being this week.


Just read #5 and I’m guessing [spoiler=]That the mutagen they were covered in contained DNA of Hamato Yoshi and his sons…or at least of Hamato Yoshi[/spoiler]