The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thread; IDW's new series has begun!


You’re welcome. I don’t have a big issue with the alien thing for the movie but Laird brings up a good point that the origin story changes drastically if they are not created by mistake.

They made Shredder an alien in the recent cartoon. It was fine because we got to see the Mirage Comics Leonardo / Shredder decapitation scene in a PG setting. So I guess for me it depends what the movie does with it.

Oh and yeah TMNT Infestation 2 was dope. A whole lot of Donatello.


Well…Shredder was a 1-issue throw away villain who was revived using worms so…the 2003 cartoon making him utrom isn’t a big deal really, since he a friggin’ badass armor.

Honestly, if the movie has sexual/sensual jokes or scenes, then screw it.

Anyways, TMNT Leo and #9 were terrific, I am loving this series so much, but man


[details=Spoiler]Karai and the MOTHERFRIGGIN’ SHREDDER!
…and did Karai just call him ‘grandfather’? From past issues, Shredder doesn’t look THAT old to be her grandfather so I wonder if he’s immortal?[/details]


Started reading this series about a week ago and I’m up to #4. I love what they’ve done so far with Old Hob and the origin of the turtles.

I also picked up the 4 of the micro series but I’ve still yet to give 'em a read.


TMNT Color Classics #1 was cool. Haven’t read the first issue of Mirage’s TMNT in a long time. I hope they continue with these and go the length of the original series.

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Is there a reason why I can’t find #7 at any of my local shops? I’ve been able to find all of them up to #9 except for that one…is it a really good issue or something? I was able to find it online for cover price, though.

I also picked up Color Classics #1 and I liked it a lot. I never read the original Mirage comics so I was really blown away when I read it.


I believe 7 is the first appearance of Krang’s real body so that might be the reason you can’t find it. Then again sometimes local shops just randomly sell out of the same product so who knows.

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Yo when is the next issue coming out?


Today just read it lol!

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Wicked! Gonna read it last when I do my catch up tomorrow~


I just found issues 1, 2, and 4 in a 50 cent bin yesterday. They weren’t completely lousy. I actually thought they were fun reads, although fairly simple. Sort of an “Ultimate TMNT” for the modern day, I guess. I get that they’re trying to do something new but a part of me can’t help but compare this new iteration to the Mirage comics, where almost every issue was dense and packed with content. Right now this IDW series just seems like the kind of straightforward action/adventure comic that would be pretty enjoyable if I had a fat chunk of like 20 straight issues to read. For 50 cents a pop, though, I got my money’s worth.


You guys still reading this? Issue 13 was pretty sick and has signs of good stuff to come. I was pretty speechless at the very last panel, and it made the cover for 14 make a lot more sense.


Yeah still reading it and enjoying it. Happy that they are jumping into more Krang stuff so we can get some Sci-Fi action going on.

Really liking the Micro-Series issues too. April’s comes out next week!

Big up to the TMNT Color Classics. Too bad I have to wait until issue 30 to see Hildagaard Rail in color heh heh… :smiley:

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Man the Micro-Series issues are so good. First another cartoon TMNT character shows up in the April’s issue and this week’s Fugitoid issue was the best comic I read this week hands down.

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As a old turtle fan ,i been reading since it started, My pull just shipped no turtles because there tmnt shipment came messed up gotta wait for replacements to ship n my next shipment…need more yusagi yojimbo…fuckin luv stan sakai and yusagi, So far so good and its only getting started


I think what makes it too soon for Usagi Yojimbo is that all of his comic book stories are in the same continuity and he already met the Turtles. Even after a year it still feels like these Turtles are still establishing their world.

I think they need a little more time to jump into a crossover like that. Usagi comparing these Turtles with the Mirage ones he met, it’s just too soon to start holding things up to a mirror for my tastes.

Maybe after they at least bring out Renet and introduce more of the Sci-Fantasy elements of TMNT.

Really not feeling the artist on this week’s TMNT. The writing is still solid at least.

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I just bought the original TMNT 2,3,4, and 6 :smiley:


Loved the TMNT Micro Series Hun issue. Definitely DID NOT see that origin story coming whoa…

Bebop and Rocksteady next time WOOT WOOT!


i’m really enjoying the series so far. i haven’t read any of the original Mirage TMNT titles, so i can’t say if this series is as dark as the original. i will say however, that those who only know about the cartoons (80’s, 00’s or Nick’s) will be a bit surprised with the comics.

i actually fell a bit behind and missed the “City Fall” issues, but i just ordered all of them up to the most current issue. can’t wait to start reading 'em!


So I just read the 1st issue off comixolgy and I’m gonna get the whole series via digital versions soon. I enjoyed how the 1st issue completely reimagined the origin and it looks to be going in a good direction.


Yeah it’s great. I loved how they mixed Mirage’s story with the 90’s and 00 cartoon and put a new twist on things. There’s also a lot more depth to the characters, moreso than both Mirage and the cartoons.

Recently, the twist on Hun’s origin story caught me totally off guard. They were obviously planning it for a long time but I didn’t see it coming at all. Very cool!