The Tekken 6 Thread - December 08 for PS3 JPN port, no info on US/World website! DL the trailer!

I love AOU:lovin:

Thx man!

Edit - Bryan uses a gun!!!? WTF!

Now we have a cable!


A Middle-Eastern character? Looks a lot like my sister. :confused:

This whole time I thought T6 wasn’t going to be in arcades. I’m glad they changed it even though it won’t make much of a difference to most people here.

I can’t believe Byran and the frigging Gun at the end! LOL

Bleh, not liking the two new characters that much. I guess that also debunks any rumors about tekken 6 really being TTT 2, but that might have been known earlier. Other than that it looks like they are going to rework the wall system again because those backgrounds definitely look like they can’t be used like that. Unless of course those just happen to be the stages that don’t use the walls…

I guess it otherwise looks good. Nothing really that different either.

rock howard in tekken? :looney:

i think the gun party is like after you win and maybe he throw the character up and in the air then blow them away with the shottie like how in t5 he just did a rushdown and beasted them.

shit look off the chain(you can still say that right?:confused: ) cant wait for it to come out

Least the trailer shows we still got custom items this time around…Halo Jack-6 in the house? is that Mech Jack-6?:confused:

Nice find. Looks pretty good. At first I thought there were two new female characters but one turned out to be some Rock Howard look a like.

I doubt it. I don’t believe they’d go through all the effort of texturing a gun onto his back if it was going to just be used for a winpose.

I puked looking at Leo, what a fag… 100% female in my eyes.

not a huge fan of the new chars, as long as Paul has some wicked new moves.

Jack 6? Or P-Jack 2? 0_o

Nice find indeed! Now I just want to know will namco give us online play and tag team mode!

I uploaded it to youtube as well.


Leo is pretty cool in his background pose. I just HATE his girly ass voice.

Online mode!

jack looks like a transformer wtf at that dyke cowboy bitch and the new gypsy voldo wanna be

He looks too Girly tho.Looks like a very flat chested woman!:wasted: