The "Tekken stick"

So i’m about to buy my first arcade stick on the ps3, and im really wondering how good the stick that comes with tekken 6 is.

How good is it when compared to the 60-70$ mad catz stick? Because its either that or the tekken 6 package.

Thanks in advance.

Ok, forget that. I have a question that you need to answer before anything else… How much do you want to pay for a stick?

<50 will get you rubbish - usually, unless you get a used stick
50-100 will get you something you can play on and improve with
100+ will get you something that you can use in tournaments, will last you a while, and that you’ll be comfortable playing with
200+ you’re getting ripped off unless you get some super custom things (like LED buttons and really really nice cases and other aesthetics)

And another question -
what games are going to play? Fighters and otherwise.

50-100, maybe a bit over 100.

Mainly SFIV and SSFIV when it comes out.

I have no experience with the tekken stick, but it’s wireless so from that alone I imagine it will lag slightly, but also that means you’re paying for wireless technology and loosing arcade part quality as a result. The mad catz te stick is awesome, if you know you’re going to be playing fighting games on your ps3 for a long time to come get that. Else get the mad catz se and after ~100 hours of play the buttons and/or stick will stop functioning correctly and you can buy better replacement parts of your choice, which will then put it at about the same cost as the te.

The Madcatz SE is nice in that you can very easily change the parts for higher quality ones later on. And lose parts are pretty cheap. Especially if you go for a Seimitsu stick instead of Sanwa.

Tekken 6 Stick actually has ~0 lag, I’m sure it does exist but it’s less than like a 1/4th of a frame or so from what was reported so arguing lag honestly isn’t an issue. i played on my friends and thought it was a good stick. However, I have heard the buttons will only last you a month or so before they start going out. You’ll have to have someone who can solder/desolder to replace them, whereas if you get an SE you can just replace them yourself fairly easily.

Considering you can buy T6 with stick at my local Best Buy for like $80 and you get T6 I’d say it’s a great buy if you can replace the buttons later down the road when they go out (My friends had it for a few months though and his are still good, so they could last you awhile).
If you CAN’T replace them though your going to have to go SE route, which is also a bit easier in tournaments because you don’t have to worry about wireless syncing.

I’ve heard bad things about the Tekken stick, but I can’t really speak from experience about it because I’ve never used it. I do own a Madcatz TE and a Madcatz SE though…

I highly recommend the TE stick if you’re willing to spend the money on it. The SE is good aswell but it’s just not as good as the TE (I have stock parts in my SE, gonna upgrade eventually).

I’ve also heard good things about the Hori Real Arcade Pro. Never used one myself though, I don’t think you can even buy them in England.

Anyway… I recommend the TE stick. If that’s out of your price range I recommend the SE instead.

There is no lag. So do not let that worry you in the slightest when choosing. The big difference between the hori t6 stick and say an madcatz se is that the madcatz is easy to mod and put in those new parts and the hori t6 is a real challenge to switch out parts as the buttons are soldered directly to the pcb and the joystick is not an easy swap out .

Thanks for the replies, gonna go with mad catz SE or TE I think.

This is the only reason im starting to consider TE. Really, 100 hours? That’s like nothing…

Lag is a myth that Toodles has already debunked at least with modern wireless.

save your money for a TE stick or some sort of hrap

Yeah, two of my buttons started sticking before then, but by 100 hours the joystick would sometimes drop diagonals and the buttons would sometimes drop inputs (at least once per match). If you prefer seimitsu to sanwa though the se is the way to go for the price… else just get a te imo.

I don’t know about fighting games, never tried a wireless stick, though I can see how very slight lag wouldn’t really be a problem as well (if it’s less than a frame of lag). Wireless lag isn’t a myth though, for instance with pc fps’s lag is still perceivable in modern wireless mice and will affect how well you can aim.

triple post :confused:

triple post :confused:

Well in games where a stuff is measure in frames (which is why we look at frame data so) a slight delay in frames can affect your game quite negatively. That said Toodles tested his Cthulhu PCB, which is the board which powers most custom stick against the wireless controllers for the XBox 360 and PS3 and a Virtua Stick High Grade. End result was that the wireless controllers were generally neck and neck (and even slightly faster) than the wired ones.

I have one of the T6 wireless sticks and I will say that is is not a bad stick. Although for the original price of the bundle you could get a Mad Catz SE stick which I feel has a better design and is much easier to mod and replace parts on. If the price is around 80 bucks for the game and the stick then I would say this is a good buy if you have some experience with modding sticks and sodering since the mod on this stick, although easier than the T5 stick, is not for a beginner. Since the case is small and Hori likes to use direct to PCB sodering the mod will take some time and a few tools to accomplish. IMO the stock parts in the T6 stick are not as bad most people are making them out to be, but they do feel cheap and will most likely break after a month or two of serious play sessions. The wirelss is a nice feature, works well, and there is NO lag. However my problem with the stick other than the stock parts is how light it is. It tends to move around a good bit if you get rough with it. Also I would warn that if you want to use the stick you buy for tournaments, most will not allow wireless sticks to be used.

If your still interested in the T6 stick, I recommend checking out this thread which will let you know effective ways to mod it:

If you’re willing to go to the slightly over 100 range, get an HRAP

I just purchased my first 2 sticks within the past 2 weeks. I managed to get 2 practically brand new TE’s on ebay for under $100 each. While I have not used anything else, I am absolutely in love with the TE, which is why I purchased a 2nd immediately for my gf and friends to use at my place. I watched one sell for $83 shipped this morning. It seems that everyone is getting the Round 2, and selling the original. This is definitely a perfect time for anyone who doesn’t have one to get it way below retail. For $10-20 more than you were already looking to spend, you can have something that in my opinion, and that of many others, is a major winner. I highly suggest scoping out ebay. Good luck to you with whatever you decide.

Yes it can, but if everything’s delayed by the same amount there isn’t an issue, your 1 frame links will still come out fine, the only issue is in how much your reactions are delayed by, and I guess 1 frame of lag would hardly affect your game here (where as it actually would in faster fps’s), and that’s what I mean by “very slight lag”. Talking from a physics stand point, wireless is going to have to have more delay than wired so if there really is more delay in the cthulhu pcb than in the 360/ps3’s wireless controllers there must be additional lag created by the cthulu pcb - but now we’re talking about lag to a degree that doesn’t matter I’m sure.

If you ever plan on playing in a tournament, even local ones, don’t get the tekken stick. Lag or not, many tournaments ban wireless controllers of any kind.

Plus the TE is great.