The Temecula (Scrubville) Thread

()==()||||The Temecula Thread||||///////

How many Temecula peeps are there here? I only count 3 so far, and I’m pretty sure that there are at least a couple more around here. So post here if you’re in Temecula (or are pretty close to Temecula).

BTW, I’m gonna try to get a tourney at the mall as soon as Javi enters the mall into APEX (IF he ever enters it into APEX…).

Oh, and since Deus is going to UCR on September, it looks like I’m going to be Scrubville’s top ranked player!:cool: Anyway, just post some shit here.

Didn’t even see this thread. Way to go TGS. When do you want to play again? I showed up yesterday morning and had a 28 win streak, Reece from Nickel City was there. I don’t think you know him but he is damn cool.

I dunno when I’m gonna come down again, but on Friday I’m going to the Bowling Alley to play some CvS2. My friend says that there’s like 10 people playing that game on Friday Nights, and he’s able to beat them all even though he can’t do any special moves…:confused: Just wait until I get my license then I’ll probably come up to UCR or something for some competition against you. Or I’ll just skip UCR and go to SHGL…:lol:

Yippy Skippy, more competition comin’ to da Riverside area I see.:smiley: I guess I need to get back into da swing of thingz so I’ll be prepared.:lol:

Tony, I got an assload of practice yesterday with Mike Neri. I am learning some crazy shit now. Be ready.

Learning new shit, huh? Last time I played you, you did the same shit over and over again I’ve been accustomed to over the last few weeks. Oh, well. Whatever floats your boat, but I’ll sink that sucker pretty soon, once I get school out of my way…

You really need to stop talking shit because everytime we play I own you. It is really becoming irritating, so either shut up and deal with the loss or prove that you can beat me more than once out of 10 games.

Oh, come on. Don’t let my shittalking get to you. Shittalking is what it is; talking some shit. You know you own me on the arcades…

By the way, are you still down for some CvS2?

On Friday, I work from 3-9 and if my girl is not home I’ll probably stop by and play. We’ll see.

3-9? As in 3 P.M. to 9 P.M.? Where do you work?

Yes, 3 PM to 9 Pm. I work at Stater Bros. on Highway 79. It isn’t very fun and the pay isn’t very good but it allows me to travel to Nickel City on a weekly basis so I am happy. I need more practice. Additionally, where the fuck are all the people from Temecula? Why isn’t that other kid posting on this thread? They need to get their shit together. Damn Temeculans.

Hey, at least you’re making some dough towards multiple ass-kickings in Nickel… I’m gonna be at the bowling alley on Friday night from 8:00 to maybe around 10 or 11 or all the competition leaves, whichever one comes first (and I’m betting on the latter first).

P.S. I hate school…:mad:

Hi there. I was gonna move there to temecula… but no. Oh, i go down to temecula every saturday to sunday. So yeah… Huh? Yeah

Just go to Nickel on Sunday, I’ll be there.

Hey, if you come down to some of our tourneys (once Javi reads his damn e-mail), you’ll get some free money! Well, maybe it’ll be a small amount (scrubs too scared to enter our tourneys), but at least it’s still free money…

Hey Deus, have you finalized plans for Friday? Oh, and when are you hauling your ass to UCR?

AHAHA free money? im there… make the tournaments like at saturday nite er somethin…

Yeah, free “Second Place” money. I am taking 1st.

Ehh, I dunno when we should throw a scrub-a-thon tourney, but I’m sure it’ll be on a Saturday night.

Hey TGS, what happened at the bowling alley the other night? I don’t even play CVS2.

What happened? We only played one game, that’s what happened. I was just testing out a random A-Groove team when you came in. Oh, well. Maybe next time I’ll be able to stay there longer.

BTW, when are you leaving to UCR? Maybe I can throw a small tourney at the mall before you leave… (and get free 2nd place money).