The tengu trap! You may know this already buts its a breakdown

Ok regular tengu is cheap but this is cheaper.

Low short and the rocks will follow: LK, far standing LK, standing fierce.

then far standing short and rocks don’t follow

after you do standing fierce and the rocks are still hitting from before so they can’t get out. The fierce hits and the rocks cover the recovery of the fierce and you can rinse and repeat.

The only way out is to red parry.Infinite block stun you can say. Good for killing them off.

PS this is done with a little distance from your opponent.

This chain does work good but doesn’t work all the time. It depends on what items you have in the tengu. I know if you have a rock, it should work because the rock usually hits later in the chain. Ken can reversal super this chain though if the ken knows what he is doing. But it is a good chain that works.