The term "Anime Fighter"


Why exactly do many people hate this term? Should they instead be called air-dash fighters?

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personally I think anime fighter is a nonsense term and should be retired for good

…but that’s not gonna happen anytime soon so this thread will probably get locked within the next 48 hours :coffee:


Well, not all air-dash fighters are anime fighters and not all anime fighters are air-dash fighters.


I’m just curious to know what do people who hate “anime fighters” think of 3rd Strike and Alpha series. Are they also Anime fighters just because Street Fighter used to have animated sprites?


anime fighter is a term people use to describe japanese aesthetic.

because if they applied it to mechanics, marvel 3 is the most anime fighter.



Using that term to group all that shit together is pretty stupid, imo.


There is no way to accurately define what is or what is not anime…

Is Darkstalker Anime?

Is SkullGirls, Anime? Even through it was a western created game?

Is MVC3not anime despite the developers of MVC3 basically make nothing but Anime?

Is Samurai Showdown anime because their characters look like this?


anime fighters has:

-universal 2 way air dash
-universal air dash?
-negative penalty
-unable to air block ground normals (unless you use meter)
-at least 1 sword character
-copious amounts of cleavage

so no, 3s and alpha doesn’t count.

besides, why the hate for the term?

not gonna put anyone on blast here, but if anime fighters are the only thing you play, then you are probably an anime loving weeabo that hates america.




If there’s an annoying ass Japanese girl that screams with every single damn normal button then its an anime fighter.

(Which 3S, alpha, marvel, and EVEN samurai showdown doesn’t have)


Wouldn’t SF4 also technically be an anime fighter because its from Japan and has anime cutscenes?

I agree, the term doesn’t really bother me but it does slightly annoy some other people I know. That’s why I made this thread, if people don’t like that term then this thread could possibly help reduce the use of it.


I find it interesting that western people think Darkstalkers looks like anime while Japanese people think it looks like a western cartoon/comic.



In all seriousness, I always preferred to call games like DS, GG, and BB, fast paced fighters. I mean, it fits perfectly. Anime fighter sounds retarded and weaboo fighter sounds like an insult.



That’s because it is.


I wouldn’t mind the term if we as a collective could come to an agreement.

Does anime fighter means aesthetics, or does it mean mechanics?

Fucking choose one.




It usually means “excuse to shrug off a good fighting game”.




Tell me I’m wrong.


What game has negative penalty outside GG/BB/Persona? That really is pretty much just an arcsys thing, and they’re not the only makers of airdashers.

Also, Persona doesn’t have “copious amounts of cleavage” for that matter. Or… Any? I’m pretty sure it actually has none.


Also, Battle Phantasia is Arksys and it plays more like KOF/SF than BB or GG.

Is it still anime?