The TERROR of Street Fighter the Movie the Game

Ok folks, I don’t know how to say this without appearing…“special”, but I spent a day and half on a video for SFTMTG. Not just any old video mind you- this is a 17 minute video. Thank you Team Best From Now for inspiring me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have had this near suicidal experience.

The file is here:

I might do some re-editing since it’s kinda rough in some spots and there are some things I forgot but for the love of God, I don’t plan on doing any sequels. To be honest, I only scratched the surface. Here are some things that I left out:

  • Akuma’s hurricane inf. in the corner also works with mk. LK, however, doesn’t work.

  • Another stage secret occurs in the Tong Warehouse. To make the helicopter in the background explode, press lk, mp, hk, hp, mk, lp.

  • With Sagat, you can combo tiger knee>hp>tiger uppercut without any super meter or timing really. I’ve only tried the heavy versions of the moves, but all strengths would probably work as well.

  • After performing Cammy’s Whip Choke (hold hp, release), you get a free hit when your opponent is staggering. HK cannon drill works perfectly fine.

  • There are also ways to fight Arkane and Kyber. I didn’t include them simply because they’re not consistent.
    *To fight Arkane, press start when he (Arkane) walks across the doorway in Bison’s Lair. It usually takes a while for you to get him to do so because most of the time, it’s Akuma walking by. However, if you’re using Akuma, he won’t be in the background- making it easier to spot Arkane.

           *To fight Kyber, get a perfect the first round. If the platform drops (I say if because it doesn't drop every time) press start and you'll fight him. However, if the platform drops in tag team mode (where there's only one "round") or on the 2nd round for some reason, you can't fight him. If you press start, you'll see the message that you're going to fight and then it just cuts off into whatever match was coming up.
  • Sawada’s “Axe Kick” (qcb+kick) is a great combo starter. You can do axe kick>ducking p>mp or probably hp katana (dp+mp or hp)>possibly another katana. It’s ridiculous.

  • Supers automatically change direction. For example, let’s say Balrog busts out his Dash Punch Frenzy super and some how you jump over it. Instead of continuing on in his path until stopping, he turns around during the super to compensate and to try to kill you again.

  • I don’t know how, but Guile’s flash kick and Sagat’s tiger knee can both be done in the air. I’ve seen the cpu do the former and I’ve (although I don’t know how) done the later.

  • I wasn’t able to pick up any audio from the game for some reason, but Ken uses different words for some of his moves. Instead of “tatsumaki senpukyakku” (I know I butchered that), he says “HURRICANE!” As well as with “shoryuken” he says “DRAGON!” It’s quite amusing.

  • Zangief changed a bit. You can do a spinning pile driver after the airplane spin. I just kept doing radioactive hands because I kept whiffing it. In this game, his pile driver isn’t 360, but hcb, f +punch. AND, you really do have to be right next to the guy. As you can see, I had to take a step forward in order to get the super to connect.

Well, there it is. I played it so no one else would have to. Please let me know what you think!

Lmao, too good. Affirmative action on CPU balrogs fireball reflecting block is slick.

lol nice shit.

WTF @ that Balrog.

And lol,it looked like you can fucking counter normals.

What type of shit is that

Yeah, the “Interrupts” are stupid good.:lame:

I don’t know how you managed to pull yourself to make something like this, but props to you, cause it’s fun to watch.

I’m still never touching this game again… ever.

You can do the air-flashkick by just charging down~up, pause a second~K

Yeah…I was asking myself the same question but that was my goal: to take the burden and play it so no one else would have to EVER again. A friend said it was very “Jesus” of me lol. And thanks for the kind words, I’m just glad it’s entertaining and came out well.

Thanks, good shit…well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Good shit man. :tup: Thanks for spending that day and half to work on this and show it to us yesterday at the party. If you take the time to re-edit this, I’ll be looking forward to it.

read this thread instead

its far superior is a beast. also the vega mask throw was pretty nice.

Phobossssss, you’re going to Evo world this year right?

Remember, this is the arcade/made version, the Saturn/PSX version is more akin to ST.

I really don’t know what to say. I mean I guess I’m glad that we somehow inspired you to do this, but with Street Fighter the Movie the Game? Anyways, I guess I have to watch it now.

Hahaha, and the verdict is?

Very interesting stuff in the video. There is just too much dumb shit in that game to mention, but you did get a lot of it put into the video. Very nice song list as well.

What program did you use to edit your video?

This video is funny.

I used Camtasia to edit and record the video. And I just watched Team BFN’s “Pretty Fighter” Video…that shit looked painful.

Awesome video, haha too funny, I watched to the end, thats how bad it was, lol. In a good way of course ;).

Entertaining, but that Jay-Z song fucking blew.