The Tester - Site and trailer up


Site and trailer are up. :lol:


I’m just sayin’, but if I ever got a tester (I don’t work at Sony, so this is hypothetical) this way, I wouldn’t let him do a damn thing.

Just send in a resume. It’s not that hard. :lol:


That has got to be the worst reality show prize ever


Sick! A reality show that awards you a minimum wage job!


Thats type live :wonder:


Work 20 hours a day during crunch time!

Get paid minimum wage!

Fail to make impossible deadlines!

Write out pages of bug reports!

Deal with irate publishers!

All of this can be yours, if you become… THE TESTER!!!


Actually, to be testing jobs actually pay like $11+ dollars per hour, and have access to a lot of overtime for extra cash at time and a half… but they have a lot of unemployed time between projects when theres nothing to work on.

Still not worth a reality show prize.


I added something relevant.


agreed. the prize should be better.


so if I win I can bust my ass and make a quarter of my pay? AWESOME! eat a dick, sony.


Shit’s giving me flashbacks to my days @ THQ. :wasted: What a fucked up experience. Wouldn’t wish a testers position on my g3nshiro.

…wait, yes I would.


I work at San Diego Studios. I’m not a tester, but it seems like they don’t get treated that poorly.


Of course the requirements for being on a reality game show (being hot or being fucking crazy) are perfect for testing video games!

Of course the requirements for testing video games (doing menial tasks for hours on end, detailing a lot of stuff and…just plain “playing” games all day) are perfect for reality game shows!

That aside, it might be interesting to see a videogame related reality show. I don’t have my hopes up though.


Intriguing. I’d watch… for laughs.


I tested for a bit, and while it has its positives I wouldn’t call it a prize because testing isn’t the free ride job some people think it is. But you’re right it’s not hard at all to get a testing job, EA hired/hires all kinds of odd people.


being a tester is a pretty shitty job but that considered isn’t sony one of the better spots? I knew someone that was a tester for sony and I think he made like 17 bucks an hour and that’s not too bad. he worked a ton of overtime too. I remember him saying lucas arts was the best and they made like 25 bucks an hour. so yeah, crappy job but if someone is the type that is actually excited for this opportunity then it might work out all right for them because they probably have nothing else going on in their lives.


What a terrible prize, they could have at least added something like winner gets free consoles and games of choice. 20 dollars an hour is nothing, I live in NYC though so I don’t know if that’s enough to make a living in other areas but I doubt it’s much.


$11/hour is basically minimum wage in California.


I was about to hit you up on AIM about this Sep. Yes I lol’d and thought even if you win you lose because everyone will know you were on this and I say if you really want it, why not just do it the old fashioned way?


I wonder if I can do the show but reject the prize. :lol:


Trade it for a new BulletBall: High-Caliber set. TAKE THAT~TAKE THAT