The Texas Open Event #2


Eddy Pistons, and, present:

The 2007 Texas Open Event #2

Eddy Pistons will be running a year long series of tournaments that will include cash prizes, quality venues, and of course, the hottest competitive games. There will be a tournament every 2 months, and the winner of each tournament will receive an invitation to the final event that will take place at the end of the year. There will also be a point/ranking system in place for this series of events, the details of which will be explained in the near future.

The venue is still being decided on, but we felt it was more important to announce the date so that people can have plenty of time to prepare. This will be a couple of weeks after Evo South. Perfectly suited for getting your revenge/proving you can do better/fine tuning ya skills/staying on top.

Some surprise guest might be making an appearance so get ya game face on.

Date - March 24, 2007

Venue - NEW INFO! -
Game Trade Game Store and Console LAN Center
1425 Gross Rd
Mesquite, TX 75149

Games - All tournaments are console
Tekken 5: DR ($15)
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike ($10)
Marvel VS Capcom 2 ($10)
Capcom VS Snk 2 ($10)
Soul Calibur 3 ($10)
Dead or Alive 4 ($10)
NEW - Virtua Fighter 5 ($10)
NEW - Super Smash Brothers Melee ($10)

Payout - Standard 70/20/10 plus prizes/season points

Schedule -

Sign-ups: 12:00 noon Free Pizza to those who show up @ Noon - Sponsored by Papa John’s

1:30pm start
Tekken 5: DR

4:30pm start
Virtua Fighter 5 (may be slightly delayed depending on Tekken)
3rd Strike
Soul Calibur 3

6:00pm (I will have free play on these games going no later than 4:30 or so and will try to start as close to that time as possible… These will hopefully start before this time)
More details will be posted soon.


address please


Like I said venue is still being decided on. We just needed to give peopel time to plan ahead. It’ll be around Dallas tho.


oh, my bad. i can’t read. =(


Going to try my hardest to make this tournament. Hopefully everything works out.


wow i dont’ even know where princeton is. PUT YO CITY ON THA MAP SON!@


Any word on a venue or anything yet?


I may actually be able to make this…


venue is up yall, see ya at Evo get yo second chance here.




VF and Smash added.


if you get the price of marvel down to $5…then MAYBE you will get a tourney going…


I actually think 10 is a lil low. You expect people to show up and win like 20 bucks or something? 5 would be ridiculous.

This weekend might have a couple interesting guest. Wait for confirmation.


Where the hell is the SNK??? (KOFXI anyone???)


That is true. There’s more than enough local comp to hold an XI tourney. And it’d draw more people that would come just for XI. I don’t plan on going but I would if XI was being played.


What time is all this going down? I would like to know because I am little over a hour away and don’t want to show up too late.


If you guys want a KOF XI tourney, just offer to run it. Plain and simple.


Geeese and Tony, stop sleepin. I ask’d frank in the DTX thread to hold a XI tourney like 1 week after he announced T.O. 2, and he reply’d there were alot of tourneys allready…

But there should be no excuse about T.O. 3, i actually think XI can pull more heads then Smash.


Out of curiosity, I had a couple of questions…

  1. I’m curious also as to the schedule; is there an idea of at least when it’s all supposed to get underway?

  2. What console/consoles will be in use at the event, and will contestants need to bring their own controllers to take part?

I haven’t been to a tourney in Dallas, so any answers would help.

I can say that I should be there for sure once I know the scheduling and such…


Almost all the regulars have their own stick so you should beable to borrow one if you need to.