The Thank You For The Memories Thread - Saying Goodbye to the Forums


In twenty two days this forums is closing its doors. After close to two decades worth of operation, countless tournaments, events, gatherings, sessions, new game launches, old game revivals, money matches, west coast / east coast rivalry, national rivalry, global rivalry, we have really seen it all. I’ve been here for FIFTEEN GOD DAMN YEARS, and I’ve been a pain in the ass at some points, and haven’t really been around all that much recently but god damn did I ever love my time here. The people I met here, friends I made, and so much more was all worth it signing up for it with this stupid handle people STILL call me by even now. Entire communities have had their start here from just one thread in Fighting Game Discussion, and many of the big names sitting pretty with a 3 lettered abbreviation behind their name were once just as much of a part of these stomping grounds as much as the rest of us.

So I’m making this thread to give everyone that chance to remember all the wonderful times and people that came from this place. Reach in there and grab that wonderful memory and give it a big fat bear hug. Good or bad, throw it on the table and enjoy it, our time is almost up!



@Master_Chibi At least we still have Euerka 7. :frowning:


I should close this thread on principle. We still have 23 days of full on shenanigans.


So Raz0r had ElderGod’s child and the worlds finally collide into nothingness. Guess I need to finally get a Reddit account or something.

Fuck this =(


New movies coming out too! Which’ll probably suck!


Twenty thee days is not enough time to recall 20 years worth of love man. You leave this thread be! >:O


I have a reddit account and it genuinely isn’t the same thing at all. It’s like saying 4chan was a good alternative lol




I just got introduced to the Sapphire thread through Discord as I didn’t know anything about this. Anyone else have any hilarious or legendary threads they wanna post up?


I am under no illusion that anything that exists on this side of the ether will be adequate replacement.


Reddit is for cucks. Terrible moderation, will make Preppy look like Disney handling MCU


I looked over at Domination 101 and immediately thought of them as the FGC equivalent of the books in the Jedi tree.


There’s some really good stuff in there. Shit has changed so much with gaming becoming bigger and all this e-sports shit, no wonder they want to shut us down. I wonder if they will save the articles though.



We need to find an alternative


there is none. its why we are all here to begin with.


One of the most hilarious threads I’ve ever encountered on this website.

Don’t need any context to enjoy it.


Oh snap, Master Chibi checking in. Nice of you to make all those Team Light Kick avatars years ago. I still have mine saved somewhere. I had you put Abigail in it. Who would’ve known he would end up in Street Fighter V, of all places, or that SFV would even be a thing.


looking back on all of this, i always thought that SRK was immortal.

thanks to everyone that made this place great, unbearable, fun, messed-up and just flat-out crazy.
this has been my personal sanctuary for almost 2 decades, what a great run guys…

peace out.


I was always scared to post ever since I joined as an 09er and got negative rep, but I always loved having this as a resource. Thank you srk


Goodbye ningens… So sad this is closing right with Fighter Z is coming out