The Thank You For The Memories Thread - Saying Goodbye to the Forums


Man…I go to write at least one awesome thing for SRK:

Don’t think I’ve would’ve legitimately done that for any other community.


I’m glad I got to share some of my Korea and China hijinx with you guys. Was fun, also SRK helped keep me sane during that time.

That night where I was drunk posting in the mafia game I was running because some Russian girls liquored me up in Seoul was a GDLK moment.


I just wanted to thank you for the inclusion of myself when you ran TLK. I know it was just a silly little forum thing, as the Avatar factions were a thing 11/12 years ago, but I never really belonged to any groups of the sort so to be a part of that meant more than you’d think.
I may not have been the most active here, or on the IRC channels but I was always here. Really gonna miss this place.


SRK I just wanted to thank you for these wonderful forums. I am not angry at you guys because I know these things happen. I will miss it dearly and I sincerely hope the close nit community on this forum finds another place to call home.

I believe I joined when I started playing SF4. These forums helped nurture my passion and knowledge for SF by seeing all the other people here who cared so much about the game as well. You’ve done a special thing in helping the community grow SRK. Shen Long bless you.


I’m not Ricki Ortiz.


I’d hit that, though.


Are you gonna get gender reassignment?


I wrote something similar back when the front page first started and we still had that weird individual blog feature. Buddy of mine just randomly died at my house while we were playing IV. I found out later it was basically a heart attack because a blood clot in his leg moved up to his heart. RIP Everett Chavez Brooks

Btw, where did the IV forums move to, or were they deleted? I want to see if anyone might be in the C.Viper sub.


Jesus Christ it’s good to be back for one last hurrah


the greatest post I remember from Missing Person is when he told that story of how he became gay and taking it in the ass for the first time

good times


Dunno if the forums will be saved or not, so wanted to say what I can while I can.

SRK has always been important to me on some level or another. While an old issue of GamePro magazine was my first exposure to the idea that fighting games had any kind of depth to them, SRK was where I really started to learn and improve. It will be a tremendous loss if this forum disappears, it’s part of our history and still a valuable resource. I’d be willing to toss in a few bucks a month to protect that.

I’ve made some good friends here, learned some good life lessons either from SRK directly or from our general circle. Some good things, some bad things. Just sorry I wasn’t able to contribute better to it lately… those of you who saw me take a turn for the worst in my behavior have my apologies. Declining life circumstances, combined with what was a rather serious illness (that went undiagnosed until it was almost fatal) brought out the worst in me. Turns out it’s really easy to act like a jerk when there is literally something physically affecting your head. Got it diagnosed and removed, but I retain some responsibility for the stuff I said and did back then anyway.

That said, I love that SRK gave me the chance at what I thought was my dream shot. Did a bit of writing for them, had tremendous fun with it. Lots of late nights, lots of good feelings from it. I’m so glad that fighting games got to experience a resurgence with SF4 and the surrounding flood of games, some good and some not so good , and we got to be here for it.

If SRK, or at least the forums (which is really the core of it all at this point) go away, I’d like to offer one last thought: Continue your love for fighting games. There are so many to enjoy. From Super Turbo to Blazblue, Tekken, to Gundam Versus and King of Fighters, even Divekick, and so much more. You can learn so much from playing different games, lessons in one game will make you realize wholly new ideas in another. Treasure that, and if a game has any genuine merit to it… give it some love. Nobody can devote time to being top-notch at every fighting game, but cherish what you can.

Thank you for some amazing memories, everyone. I’m going to try to get my life back in order to enjoy Cross Tag, Dissidia NT, and a few others; if anyone is interested, if anyone knows good communities for these games, please get in touch. I’d hate to see our community splinter into sub-groups via Discord and so on, but if it must… then I want to come along with at least some of you!




Gonna miss this old place… great discussions, arguments and gdlike threads. Its gonna be weird not browsing the forums in my spare time, gonna miss the shade throws, well placed heston gifs, yellow fever inspired posts with long back asian girls, one piece speculation, geeking out in the transformers/MCU threads among other things…

Well at the end of the month if there is no save or alternative I wish you all the best.




@OrangeCat motherfucker give me your cooking bookmarks. Lol. I can’t find your your delicious account anymore.




Only 3 resources use now for all cooking related shit: if you don’t want to pay, you just use the videos,.


My Mans. Thanks brotha @OrangeCat


All the SF4 stuff got moved to the USF4 subforums I think.


Well this thread is fortunately pointless now :3




This should be kept around. A decade down the line, we can look back and have a laugh about that time when SRK was in danger of getting K.O.'d by fucking smash players and furries.

The best part about it was a good portion of the OG community showed up, wouldn’t take shit and rallied the troops so that SRK can save itself :tup