The things in CvS2 that annoy you the most

This thread is pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to list all the things that annoy me about CvS2. Post some stuff’s up that piss you off about tendencies of other players, characters, ETC.

1. Shoto players that uppercut continuosly.
2. Sagat users that only use fierce uppercut’s. It’s not as safe as they expect. =/
3. Terry’s that go from short fireball to "BURNININIGNIGN KNUCKLE!!!"
4. Akuma players.
5. Zangief’s who continously roll to try and SPD.
6. Players that hold their right arm in the air, waiting to uppercut any sign of a whiffed move. MAN that takes skill.
7. Rolento players who think it’s “unqiue” to roll back a thousand times and throw a knife randomly. Best strategy ever!
8. Cammy’s who think standing roundhouse will win you the game. No matter what. (See: XX players.)

More when I think of them.

Bision - walk forward and S.j backward + HK
Couching Sagat - never jump in/roll…
Run away Mai & Athena…


Maybe you shouldn’t even play this game at all then?

why do people like you post shit like this? read the forums title. it’s called GENERAL STRATEGY. i don’t see any strategies here. only whining. stop whining and start playing.

i hate it when that crazy guy at cgl wont’ stfu when i’m playing. god please stop laughing every second.

Oh, oh! I’ve got a strategy tip for you. Try using headphones and some loud quick tempo music. Then he’ll really just be talking to himself.

When I’m K groove and an A-Sakura player randomly activates and does the CC and I can’t do anything but block and take the chip damage.

Solid A-Rolentos, C-Hondas, and C-Yama (hard to get in)

snaaaake’s akuma is so fucking cruel

“Bision - walk forward and S.j backward + HK
Couching Sagat - never jump in/roll…
Run away Mai & Athena…”

i m sad if u cant understand… :lame:
All these r still considered strategy, but it is only considered as TURTLE strategy…isn’t it?? :stuck_out_tongue:

if u r good, dont throw rubbish here too, post your strategy against these turtle strategy. No one will blame u.
but, u post some kind of rubbish like this will only flaming others.
Then, u become the one post shit here.

People who are afraid to try new characters because they assume no one can win with anyone other than the so-called “top-tier” set of characters.

I have a Nakoruru, Kyosuke, Raiden and Maki who beg to differ.

When Kyo does an early cross up with jumping lk.(dosent combo) Then u stand up… only to get hit by c.shorts in to a recka combo. I hate that!

RC electricty. That shit is annoying.

I hate people who are to dumb to fall for mixups. It ruins the fun and makes you have to play basic in order to win.

This thread is disturbing…

Uh, to the original poster, why would any of these ‘strategies’ annoy you? I would love if my opponents did any of these things on a regular basis, at least then I might win some games!

Anybody have this feeling 19S10 is KaizerGenocide under a new nickname?

snake: what are you talking about? are you saying you hate when people fall for mixups? that’s the point of mix up. you want your opponent to block high/low so you can attack where they aren’t protecting themselves. and basic playing skills are what win tourneys and seperate the great players from the scrubs.

here’s an example of what i think he was talking about.

-you knockdown
-you bait out wakeup move by blocking close
-WAkeup DP comes
-you block and knockdown
-on wakeup, you decide to block again out of gut instinct
-he does wakeup DP
-you knockdown
-now this time you go for throw setup, thinking he has to learn his lesson by now
-you get hit by wakeup DP

and the whole game you might as well just bait DP all day. i’ve played a few people like this.

lol i remember i lost to smoeone like this in a tourney back wheni first started. god that sucked ass.

no no no!!! Thats not what I meant! It seems like you didnt even bother to read what I posted. What I meant is that after your used to playing a certain level player that you can face using advanced tactics and mixups, only to find that all the shit that works on experienced players doesnt work on noobs or scrubs. This takes away the fun, because you have to tone your style of play down, because the person sucks too much to fall for certain shit that a skilled player would fall for. I’m sure you know what I mean.

no. if anything scrubs eat mix up more than anyone else on earth. you can cross them up all day and use your craziest set ups on them because they don’t know how to do anything about it. if you’re talking about the sheer randomness scrubs have that’s not the same thing.

vasa: wake up dp will never get old. i’ve been playing street fighter for like 10 years and still get pissed when i eat it. :clap:

Acually thats not true. Heres an example. Lets face it scrubs cant defend, so when you play somebody who is just constantly attacking how are you supposed to use a mixup to throw them and shit. I know that they tend to fall for cross ups and setups all day, thats what makes them easy, but they never fall for mixups, because they are either always attacking or always defending. Scrubs always escape shit by getting lucky and when they do they have no idea how lucky they really are.