The Things People Are Mad About

In the past few days Ive noticed an old trend coming back, mostly due to being able to name your endless lobby.

People have sent me hate and kicked me for throwing!! calling me cheap or a scrub.

now when ever i join a room thats labeled: No throwing, I do nothing but throw.

TLDR: What are some of the stupid things people have gotten mad at you for?

yeah, i made a no-throwing room and some scrub kept spamming throw.

playing sf4 like its sf2.
pretty much using guile and “spamming” as they call it.

were you mad?

oh and lol at not playing the game the way you want to play it.

I never quite got the ‘throwing is for scrubs’ thing? I mean it’s not like throws have a small tech window in SF4, infact if you use crouch tech at the very least throws become a lot les frequent. SMH at scrubs who complain about throws because they can’t predict a c.lp c.lp tick throw.

my friend got really mad about people crossing him up, he said it was cheap.

i could use a guide on throws, that stuff gets me online lol

all you need to do is practice crouch tech, its a beginner tool, very easy to learn, takes a day or two if i remember right

every time someone hits you well your blocking just hit grab well crouching in the rhythm of there inputs.

I get mad at dupe threads. Me mad?