The Thread Before Christmas 2015

All right, we now have a safe place to discuss Christmas wherein we need not worry about offending the Jews, Muslims, and militant atheists among us.

Right now, I’m struggling with ideas for what I intend to ask for, and what to get the people I love. So if you’re asking for cool stuff or have inspired gift ideas for others, I’d love to steal your ideas.

Also- feels alert:

I want the ipad pro w the apple pen for xmas sooo bad

But im single so

That’s on my list. Please make my holidays go smoother.

Big Ticket Item Strategy

I spend around $150 each on my mother, father, and sibling. A couple times, I’ve told them all I really want is ___. So they team up to get me a big gift (TV, PS4, etc). This works for me because I get that must-have item, and for them because it’s one-and-done shopping.

Got this for last year christmas:

Looking to upgrade to this for this year:

I don’t know how you feel about converters, but Brook makes a series of “superconverters” that are lagless. If you end up getting a PS4/One down the line, that stick would carry you into the next generation.

What about the 8 minute time-out?

They got around it. Sony released a patch and the Brook converters were no longer impervious to the time-out.

This was rectified within 48 hours.

So that’s a good gift idea for any of you guys with last-gen sticks that aren’t mod savvy and don’t want to invest more than like $40.

I’m currently using a SFAC (PS1/360 PCB) on my PS4.

Dude thats fucking dope. I’ll definitely look into that.

Fave xmas movie go

Christmas Vacation
The Santa Clause (and part 2)
Arthur Christmas
It’s a Wonderful Life

Bad Santa

Ib4 Die Hard

We just picked up our tree!

No love for careys grinch? :’(

I do like that one. There are a bunch more I like, like A Christmas Story and even Christmas With the Kranks.

Lights are up

Told myself I was gonna buy less than $300 worth of stuff this Christmas but I’ll probably end up spending around $500 :sweat:

As long as you get big, giving big is all right. It’s like, you have a hard time spending a lot of money on yourself, but you can spend money on others. And then they reciprocate so everybody gets stuff they want and feels good about not spending the cash on themselves.

At its worst, that’s what Christmas is all about.

I need to read this thread more often so I can raise my Christmas spirit level. I think the hard part of giving is finding something somebody won’t grudgingly accept. Part of the reason I just buy for myself on Christmas is because I’m not creative on gifts. I just tell everybody don’t gift me so I won’t have to gift you

That’ll carry you a ways but then you’ll find yourself married with in-laws that like giving you presents.

I love Christmas, though. Not having a tree until today was killing me. We’re having a Christmas get together for the first time this year and I am pumped!