The Throw Debate

Many people around here love throws. But has anyone seriously looked at them objectively as a gameplay feature rather than calling anyone who dislikes them a scrub?
THEY grab all the time to win and the game become SUPER BORING !!! They gave all this money to play Street Fighter 4 to GRAB??? They think they bought this game but they didn’t. When you grab IT"S NOT STREET FIGHTER 4. It’s BULLSHIT 4.
Fucking Street Fighter 4 loosers. IDIOTS AND USELESS> If you want to play decently DON"R GRABLE ALL THE TIME. LOOSERS> PLAYERS-WANNABE !!! fuckers

id like to throw this thread. haha “debate” is that post what you call looking objectively?

360 throw every day

Holy fucking shit! Your horrible post just piledrivered my brain… twice. Quit grabbing you bitch!

Troll fail!

I, for one, love throwing. And I’ve received no complaints, either.

MKD + Throw spam = the end of the world

OP sounds like someone with tourettes “throwing a tantrum.” / pun

yet throws aren’t that strong in SF4… at least when compared to ST/HF that is.

op has best username

Throwing is actually an excellent strategy OP, it’s a shame you don’t understand it. If you get thrown that much, it means you are doing something wrong, and need to learn to counter it, it’s not that hard. You will only be thrown if you allow yourself to be thrown.

Also what is absurd is throws in games these days are different from the old games. Throws tend to use a separate button altogether, preventing “accidental” throws. They also tend to have whiff animations, since being a separate button attack, they can now miss. In addition to that, many games have throw breaks, which allow you to break and stop yourself from being thrown.

Also, while Sagat may indeed “own”, he isn’t invulnerable to being thrown. I suspect you chose Sagat, and simply spammed Tiger Shots, only to be surprised when you were thrown. That is your own fault, and you need to man the fuck up and deal with it. Play like a champion, not a chump. That’s what Steve Wilkos would do.

I have a feeling you’re going to really hate my game OP. Because throwing will be an important aspect of the game, as every character will have multiple styles of throws as opposed to just 2 each.

Although the quality of trolls at SRK has never been good, it really has gone downhill lately.

I have never thought of it this way!!! Thank for the post bredren. Iwill apply this “info” to my sagat game!

Throw teching is good
Seems like the TC’s blind
To it’s existance

Don’t mention it, hopefully I wasn’t too harsh or anything. Sometimes tough love is the only way, just ask Steve Wilkos.

Throws are not that bad in SF4, if you were talking about the older versions then I might see where you are coming from.

I think all responses to trolls should be in Haiku form. At least I think it’s a haiku, the abbreviations and contractions really throw me off.

Thread needs more throw puns.

OP may be this guy right here:

Shitting on SFIV again I see.

Pretty sure OP and Steve Wilkos *** are one in the same.