The Throwing Thread


I play at my local arcade a lot, and from time to time I play newer players who have no idea what to do against throwing. They get up and get thrown. They try to tech, but I back dash and dash back in and throw. They wake up and SRK, only to get parried and thrown. And then there’s the empty jump-in throw. And others.

Here’s a list of throwing situations and some solutions to it :

  1. Empty jump-in throw

    • You can, of course, DP them. But chances are they’re ready for it and they’ll parry. What I sometimes do is press jab a couple times. They usually parry the first one but get hit by the second one. Then as they flip and land i do something like > fireball to gain some distance.
    • Be ready to parry, but when they land tech throw. That’s the most simple and common way
    • Dash
  2. When they stand right infront of you while you’re down :

    • What to do here really depends on what you’ve observed from prior rounds. Sometimes it’s better to parry, sometimes it’s better to throw. Pay attention
  3. Tick Throws

    • Get familiar with common tick throws, so you can see it coming and respond to it appropriately.
  4. Blocked move > dash in throw

    • This is not entirely uncommon. I catch people off guard sometimes like this. Just remember that they can’t block while they’re dashing.
  5. Air Parry > land > throw

    • This is very common. Sometimes you parry his move or he parries your move in the air, but the natural thing to do when you both land is to throw. Try jumping straight up the moment you both land. Chances are, you’re see his missed throw animation.
  6. EX Chariot Tackle cross-over > throw

    • Two out of three Urien players do this from time-to-time. Simply tech or DP it. If you choose to do a DP, do the Z motion while you’re still down, so it comes out fast enough.

Oops I have to go catch a movie, but I hope somebody will continue that list and improve on some of the things I said. This is a guide for all levels of play so I hope many can find it helpful to some degree. Peace~


hey man - never got to tell you good games :smiley: thanks for giving me seconds hehe

anyway, other throwing situations

7.) other guy knocked you down. walks up and whiffs some jabs / shorts then grabs. i dunno this gets me all the time

8.) opponent yun has geneijin activated. expect a command throw if you blocked some normal strings

9.) opponent threw an aegis reflector at ya. if outside a combo, expect some low/high mixups and a grab in there too.

have fun at the movies guy :smiley:


wanna come out and play again? you sold me and kal el out the other day man =/


sure - but sorry i couldn’t show up saturday - i have a dentist’s appointment 5:15pm around new west and had dinner with my family afterwards.

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