The "tightest" stick?

Hi guys, I have a qiestion. Recently I played a bit with my friend HRAP3 which has a Sanwa JLW with an octagonal restrictor. And honestly, the large distance between engage and throw feels odd. Like the throw is much larger than needed.

Now I really like the spring feeling and the restrictor but generally it feels as if the sticks has “too large” ways to go. I would prefer a stick that feels tighter, so to speak. But as far as octagonal restricted sticks go, this seems to be the tightest I will get since the LS32 has an even wider throw in that configuration.

Any tips from you guys? Thanks :smile:

Some tips (no tricks as tricks are for pimps)

  • Your friend’s HRAP3 has a Sanwa JLF, not a JLW, as non-JLF joysticks cannot be installed onto a HRAP3 without extensive modification to the mounting plate and control panel.

  • The Sanwa JLF operates much more efficiently with a square gate. The octagonal gate is designed for Japanese joystick n00bs in order to slowly accommodate the switch from Happ to Sanwa. I would simply get your friend to switch to a square gate on his stick and advise you to keep the stock square gate on your Sanwa JLF-equipped arcade stick when you purchase your own (if you haven’t already). Octagonal gates are like training wheels.

  • The Seimitsu LS-32 does not have an octagonal or circular gate. The only way to get a circular range of motion is to remove the gate altogether, which will quickly ruin your joystick.

  • The Sanwa JLW has a circular gate available for it. It at least feels better than the JLF’s octagonal one.

First, many thanks for the reply. Second, why is the octagonal gate so bad? the square one feels weird with the strongly pronounced corners…

after a week or two of play with it you’ll get much more accustomed to the square gate corners and stop hitting them altogether when doing moves like qcf, qcb and so on

for a really tight stick though, aren’t saluabis or whoever makes 'em (that one korean brand) real tight?

You can try a magstick from

Extremely tight. A throw of maybe 1/8"

Fantas use rubber grommets (available in hard, medium, and soft) instead of springs. They are actually made by two different companies, Myoungshin and Taeyoung. Taeyoung Fantas have the best build quality but only come with hard rubber. Myoungshin makes fantas with slightly lesser build quality but their sticks come with whatever strength of rubber you want. Taeyoung Fantas start out really stiff and have to be broken in a bit just like a Perfect 360 (they are much better made than P360s though). If you want a Fanta joystick, you will probably have to import one from Korea which means shipping will be a bitch. Fantas are cheap as hell compared to Japanese and American joysticks though (like 5 bucks for a stick. shipping is like 40 or so so if you import korean parts, do it in bulk. A group order if you can drum up enough interest might be best in order to cut down on shipping). I would just stick with Japanese parts though but if you are a Mishima player in Tekken then you need the Fanta for wavedashing.

:frowning: are octagonal gates REALLY like training wheels? that makes me sad. what are the disadvantages?

MCA joysticks are about as ‘tight’ as you can get. EXTREMELY short throw, very fast return-to-center. They’re like the perfect Tekken stick.

Unfortunately they’re also fairly low-quality plastic, not to mention difficult to find new.

Its a matter of preference, I would tend to disagree that the 8gate is a disadvantage, and I am willing to throw down, me on a JLF + 8gate vs someone comparable on square :woot:. I think 8gate is better for technically and way moving chars, and the square better, for 360 motion chars.

But the gates are highly based on opinion and preference of user.

this thing has HELLA small throw.

thanks thats what i was thinking. i could never get the hang of half circles with the square when i first got it.

How extensive?
Has anyone swapped out the JLF for an LS32? - is it really worth the effort because I’m quite interested in giving this a go.

Tried searching the forums for information on swapping out the JLF for something else in the HRAP3 but didn’t have too much luck unfortunately :sad:

I believe people have welded on a new mounting bracket to their HRAP 1 ver.b (same stock mounting bracket as the HRAP3). Others added wood or some type of masonry. It’s not worth the trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Damn - I’d best not try mod mine then.
I can barely cook bread to make toast, let alone cook metal to make a better stick :sad:

I have exactly the same problem with my HRAP.I won over 100 championships on arcades with genuine HAPP sticks.But they got too old.I have purchased a HRAP 3 and put SANWA buttons in it.I dont like them in any way, they feel like a jelly.I tried both 8 and 4-gonal plate, but in both ways my down back diagonal sucked.I cannot play mortal kombat with this, or Street Fighter/KOF on player 2 side.I ordered a fake HAPP stick (Euro stick) and installed it, but it is still not the best diagonal.I think this is a MAG- one would you recommend to install?My neighbour makes tuning for trucks, he has never seen sticks, but is capable of installing any stick into the HRAP.Choose from here, please help me-

You will never get a stick with the same feel as the old Happ sticks. My advice is to just put new microswitches and springs in your old Happ sticks. Then they will probably feel better than any non Japanese/Korean joystick you can buy.

Thank you so much, EvilSamurai, it seems that you are not that evil :wgrin: …The problem is that I can get things from France only. Are these microswitches any better than the ones in the fake HAPP COMPETITION?Here is the fake HAPP i did put into my HRAP3, btw- But how to get a new spring…

no. You can buy microswitches and springs from which is located in the USA.

You mean the microswitches I showed you are junk?

they are not the ones that go into Happ Competitions or IL Eurojoysticks.