The time has finally come, I can afford a laptop! help me out


so i’ve been using this desktop for many many many years that my Dad got for the family which my brother and I took over, and since he got a laptop awhile ago, this desktop has gotten me by.

but i am getting to a point where i need a laptop for school and such. don’t know how i’ve survived through college this long without one.

so i’m here to ask you guys to help me out and get a decent laptop for a good price. my budget is 500, 600 at the max ideally.

can you guys help me out with recommendations and such? this laptop must last me many years and i don’t want to be stuck with something crappy.

i’d like to be able to game with it, nothing insanely top of the line, but decent.


Okay, so there are quite a few factors you’ll need to consider. Portability, screen size, primary tasks (word processing, web browsing, light gaming, among others), battery life, etc.

I’d register at the forums at and create one of these threads:


Check this:

Really just browse Amazon and find one with the best specs for the lowest price. Asus and Acer are great and reliable, I recommend those 2 brands. 3rd would be Toshiba. My family has bought those brand of laptops and they have lasted and are good.

If you have a desktop then you might as well keep it and get something that you can walk around with all day like a netbook. Long battery life and light weight are great for taking to class. My favorite laptop size is 13.3 because it’s not too small and not too big and you get good battery life out of them compared to the bigger ones.