The Timer Is Perfectly Fine

This game was was not ment to be played without gems, as soon as people start playing with Gems there will be more dmg and more speed, and more meter to go around, thus games will end faster

Yeah because no one will play with fortitude or life regeneration gems.

More speed doesn’t necessarily lead to more damage. Defensive gems also counteract your damage.

And, this…

People had the same timer issues when MVC3 first came out. Just give the game time, and for people to develop more damaging combos, and the timer issue won’t be much of a problem.

Besides, who said it was a problem? Using the timer to win by life lead is a good strategy that’s been forgotten by people.

I’m not saying the timer is a big problem, but there is a difference between the timeouts in early SFxT and in early MvC3.

In early MvC it was largely do to the fact that people were still getting a grasp on movement. Approaches were weak and sloppy, and as a result zoning and keepaway were strong. I still remember thinking Haggar and Arthur were good for the first few weeks for largely that reason.

In early SFxT, people are regularly getting in, doing mixups, and landing big combos… and still running out of time. Now there nothing wrong with the players being able to block the mixups and thus making the match take longer, but given how long it takes to kill someone (in seconds) compared to the amount of time it takes to actually mount and succeed in an offense, The clock seems about 30 seconds too short.

In reality, the clock issue is a combination of alot of things:
-Overlong Animation
-Stages too long
-DP’s lead to huge damage (stop doing this Capcom… please?)
-Game favors defensive play
-Difficulty setting up oki mixups meaning more time is spent on neutral and approach (thanks mostly to rolls)
-Not enough time on the clock
-Fight logo making the first 2 seconds unplayable… :frowning:

Most of these aren’t good or bad, but they do mean that the standard SF fight clock isn’t really appropriate. The should do what they did with marvel, and just have a custom clock for SFxT.

Eh… personally I think the timer could be slower, and that supers should at the very least freeze the timer considering how long some of the cinematics can be. That would probably help the time issue greatly.

Overall though, I still think timer issues will go away as the game continues to develop and BnBs get more optimized.

I feel like the timer really adds to the balance of this game as far as tournaments go.
Matches that timeout do take awhile but imagine how much longer they would take if the timer was slower? tournaments would take forever!

Don’t let people switch out, and land healthy combos = less time overs.

Exactly what I was gonna say. Dont let them switch out and if they do be ready to punish it with the more damaging combo you have at the moment.

I admit, I need to work on this actually. I don’t punish people hard enough for tagging.

Conversely, I’ve been hit with combo-into-team-super a couple times for raw tagging out of desperation. And yet, I don’t want to try to tag cancel if I’m not sure it will be safe because it’s an easy way to get both chars blown up, lol…

I really like that dynamic. When and when not to tag and which tag to use (cancel? raw? boost chain?), and on the other side, finding ways to keep them from tagging at all, or forcing them to use meter to tag, baiting a tag cancel… :wow:

Once you work on it, you will see what i mean. Keep it up!

the worst thing about the timer issue is that it makes certain characters much better than they should be.

Hugo and Zangief come to mind. if they have even the smallest life lead, it’s basically over because you can’t approach them, and you can’t zone them out either cause they’ll just wait out the clock.

typically in SF games, grappler characters always need to be the ones approaching. but in SFxT they can just go for timeouts by hanging onto life leads with their high health, anti-airs and EX grabs.

The short timer also ruins the whole footsies game. Footsies are useful in the first half of the match. But once you get down to about 40 seconds, whoever has the life lead no longer has to play footsies, and their opponent is forced to begin doing risky / desperate things.

Idk i never understood why people always say early mvc3 had a time out issue. I live in the greater Toronto area n we had a mvc3 tourney 4 days after release n people we droping like flies due to xfactor. Animations not frezing the clock n life regen too fast is an issue in this game, they need to add some time to the clock.

Snapbacks = get rid of the timer issue.

Just saiyin…

For me, it basically amounted to, if you were playing SF4 and every character had 150-200% of the health that the have now, there would be just as many timeouts in that game. Seems like an odd oversight to believe that the standard timer for a 1v1 game would port over to a game where you have to kill two characters at times, in the same time frame.

Snapbacks would be too overpowered in this game. You only have two characters and if one dies it is game over

I think once people start doing more damage optimal combos, the time overs will be less of an issue.
Though stages are too damn big, runaway is really really good, but when people start dusting characters in 2 combos, things should level off.

Also, I wouldn’t bring gems into the conversation, for better or for worse, far as I’m aware pretty much every major tournament this year is banning gems.

Longer stages also means they have to fight harder to get in versus zoners and their traditional slowness means that the run-away and switch game is much easier versus them. o_O

I do feel timer needs to be adjust but actually i think the main problem is how time out are still determine only by health, Its about time that they added other stuff. I remember one game that time out determine of value of all meter . You gain points by health and power meter. This made meter management that much more important.

Personally I say extend time by 20 more seconds or have meter played into time out judgment.

I thought about that. Truth be told, I’d like them to see how the game develops before they think about implementing such a game changer.