The TitanOne adapter, anyone use it?


Anyone here have a TitanOne? I really want to use all my current PS3 sticks with PS4/360. How do you guys feel about this adapter?


Aside from it being banned at the majority of tournaments, I’d expect it to be similar to the CronusMax. In which case there is a very large & controversial thread on it.


TitanOne is banned, so if you plan to go to tournaments, you might as well get your sticks modded instead.


In their documentation, the TitanOne claims PS4 support but that crossover is not usable. I don’t know what exactly that means, but I think that their device only allows you to use their little macros and whatnot but you can’t actually control the PS4 with another controller via it due to port limitations. XBONE that isn’t the case though.

Interestingly enough, they note that it accepts information over USB, just not the touchpad, which is why their macro control/injection.

They are banned at tournaments though, but for home use you can take it or leave it I suppose.