The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations

This Saturday (7/22/17) I will be in New York at Next Level running TMNT TF casuals. ULTRA 2 Old 2 Furious is going to be an awesome event so I hope to see you all there!

I just finished doing an initial run though and commentary for these matches, so feel free to check out the archive. Expect a YouTube upload shortly and thanks to everyone who came out to watch tonight!

If you are on the West Coast and you play TMNT TF or just enjoy conventions, MAGWest (August 25th-27th) is going to be holding a TF tournament. The TMNT TF Discord is helping to organize so feel free to drop in ( or RSVP at the Facebook event:

Any more info on that event? Location, etc?

More info is available on the Facebook link provided, you can also keep an eye on the TMNT_TF Twitter page for final details on time of the tournament. It’ll be held at MAGWest 2017 at the Hyatt Recency in Santa Clara, CA. For more details check out their website @

Hope to see you there!

It has taken some time, but I am pleased to announce 1.02d is ready for release!

Credits for 1.02d:
@Enigami - Project Lead & Programmer/Hacker
@Kosheh - Graphics
@Burningfist - Misc. (+ Wingnut mini portrait)
@jedpossum - Misc.

After a lot of tough work, I have successfully moved character palettes into expanded ROM space. Each playable character now has a total of 8 ‘normal’ colors, 2 ‘clone’ colors and 1 ‘Mirage Comics’ inspired colors, together adding up to 11 per character, or 132 alternate colors. The second ‘clone’ colors for the Turtles is actually a second palette located by Kosheh, the man who made all the palettes for me to import into the game once I reworked the palettes. It took a lot to get the palette code done, so without Kosheh to make the palettes I would not have had time to make many palettes before MAGWest, and certainly not 100 of them. Big thanks to Kosheh. Try out all the colors and find your favorite before MAGWest! (that is, assuming you’re going)

The ingame mini portraits have been updated, courtesy of Kosheh. Aska now uses her Mutant Warriors one, Leonardo and Raphael use new mini portraits created by Kosheh and Wingnut uses a new mini portrait created by Burningfist. Thanks!

Tournament Mode’s colors are all correct now, and you may even find something… different when you face yourself.

Also jedpossum and Kosheh made new colors for the title screen to make it clear that you’re using the patched version, thanks again guys.

Of course, there is a few that still need to be worked on, I had to rush this out to ensure it could be tested before MAGWest…

A feature that I didn’t have time for was having the in-game palettes for the ‘clone’ and ‘mirage’ colored turtles switching from their generic band colors (brown for the first clone color, green for the second clone color, red for the Mirage color) to their individual colors when both players are using the same palette so you can easily recognize which Turtle is which.

A few somewhat unimportant things like Profiles, Story Mode and Watch Mode are completely broke palette-wise, they use different palette loading code that I haven’t touched yet. If you want those to show up properly, just play vanilla TF for now.

Karai would be using her Mutant Warriors mini portrait, but a tile of her graphics has not been located yet.

Expect these issues to be addressed, as well as new features and fixes in the next version.

Speaking of which…

After some discussion with Burningfist, I’ve decided to change the project names. 1.02d is the last ‘direct’ patch of Tournament Fighters. From now on, all my non-gameplay changing patches will now under the name Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters: Championship Edition (TMNT CE or TMNT TF CE for short) to make it more clear that it’s a modified, more tournament friendly version of Tournament Fighters. Think of the patches up to 1.02d as a beta to TMNT CE, which will be more properly tested and have all the major bugs squashed and rough edges smoothed. What of my plans of the ‘Championship Fighters’ project? Still planned (and a big step towards completion with my reworking of the palette system), just with new names. 3 names, to be exact. At present, there’s 4 major milestones for the game meta-wise that I can see defining key versions of the game. So, in true Street Fighter 2 copycat style, I will give each their own unique name to identify the specific version, and work towards completing my end vision for TMNT TF, while leaving behind the old revisions in whatever state they are in. These would still receive all the latest QoL upgrades though.

To reiterate:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters: Championship Edition - Vanilla TMNT TF gameplay with lots of quality of life upgrades, 10 characters total. (Karai and Rat King OP and banned).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Super Tournament Fighters: Reshelled (or some other punny name) - TMNT TF with rebalancing, 12 characters total (Karai and Rat King rebalanced).
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hyper Tournament Fighters: Punny name pending - New balance changes while leaving STF as it was, new story, 21 characters total (MegaDrive/Genesis cast: Krang, Casey, April, Zorax/Triceraton, Ray Fillet, Sisyphus - NES Cast: Hothead, Mona Lisa using NES Turtles moveset, and a brand new character tied into the new story)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ??? Tournament Fighters: Yet another punny name involving newer challengers - New balance changes while leaving HTF as it was, 22+ characters total (however many I can make before I run out of space / ideas / manpower / C&D’d / whatever)

I hope you enjoy it!

Hey hi it’s me Kosheh mentioned in the post above. This would…be my first actual post. Hello!

As a HUGE Turtles fan (and one who especially adores this game) I was absolutely THRILLED to have the opportunity to work on this. Enigami’s doing some mind-blowingly incredible work - I’ve never seen anyone reverse-engineer games so freaking fast. Together with the team I hope to bring some totally tubular and boldly bodacious charm to this game you probably played once 20 years ago and have been searching around in used game stores for since.

So, about the work I did: One or two palette swaps is easy. 132 of them is not so easy. A lot of the palettes you see ingame are actually references to almost every nook and cranny in the TMNT universe, and for the most part they’re rooted in 90’s TMNT media. There’s some goofy references to other modern media too. See if you figure them all out!! A few here and there are completely original, though, so… don’t worry about those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, there’s one thing I didn’t really take into accord: in 2017, many players use LCD televisions to play videogames (and odds are the majority of you will be playing this on some sort of device with an LCD screen). If any of you use projectors or CRT televisions, PLEASE let us know if you have any difficulty seeing any character palettes! One such concern is why you see very few very dark palettes and they’re a deep purple instead: if I were to make these characters full-on shades of black they’d just end up looking like Noob Saibot on a CRT (no variation, just…black). The deep purples used ingame should get the same idea across - plus it’s visible against stage backgrounds, too!

There’s also still some room for about 3 or 4 additional palettes, so if you’re at MAGWest this month or see this hack at another event, feel free to share palette ideas with us (or…in this topic here, I guess) and I’ll do what I can to make them look their best ingame!

  • One thing to note though, until we unearth some incredible surprise or manage to make a Super NES output graphics like a CPS3 board, we can’t make “top half this color, bottom half this color” like in SF3 Online. Palettes are more like CvS2 in that you can only change the values available on the sprite.

One last thing: Here’s all the palettes used ingame! There are a lot, and I didn’t actually get a chance to whip up a sheet with the “Doubleganger” (10th) palettes, but you should be able to see at least the idea Enigami has for the “bandana change” code.

WARNING: Huge images. You might be scrolling up for a little while.

Excellent update to the four of you. I will binge this game at work.

Pure amazingness.

Credits for 1.02e:
@Enigami - Project Lead & Programmer/Hacker
@Kosheh - Graphics
@Burningfist - Misc. (+ Wingnut mini portrait)
@jedpossum - Misc.

Had extra time to get some things fixed ahead of MAGWest. Single player, profile and so on no longer have glitchy palettes, all known palette bugs were eliminated (including a particularly elusive one plaguing the game since my hacked Character Select Screen code), and some minor palette corrections by kosheh were implemented. Enjoy!

So do you apply the patch like you would any other SNES patch or do I need to do something special?


Is it available pre-patched anywhere?

It should be all self-contained - by that I mean the ZIP file Enigami typically posts contain a patcher and the patch itself. The only thing you need is…the game.
Simply run the patcher, and it’ll ask for the patch’s location and the file to patch. It’ll then let you know when it successfully patches and then you’re good to go!



shhhh thats not a very easy question to answer legally lol

Yea I know it’s not.

Thanks for the answer.

Really nice progress so far.

Do y’all play this online? If so, how do y’all do it?

Mednafen or Dolphin are both viable options, I prefer Mednafen due to how many games it plays but the Dolphin WAD just got an upgrade care of Billy! Come check out the Discord for further assistance.

Sup yall. Wanted to say thanks again to everyone involved in creating CE. I ran the tournament at MagWest, & even the newcomers were impressed with the new palettes & the old hands loved the QOL changes.

Just puttin this here in case anyone here’s not on twitter/discord!

PS: Here’s the results & bracket!

Thank you so much @“Hagure Metaru” for all of your hard work. I’m sure next MAGWest will have an even bigger turnout for Tournament Fighters! The next big tournament announcements are fast approaching, looking forward to bringing it all back to New York for some more Tournament Fighters!

I have been out of touch, cause I moved to another country, ans the FG scene is active but very different so I have not been lucky to find ppl to play TF.

Either way, I wanted to THANKS the TF CE Mod team for their awesome work!

The first official TMNT TF CE tournament at Xanadu will start tomorrow @ 2:00 PM EDT (9/16) on my Twitch channel:

Hope to see you all in the chat!