The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


yeah, those are probably the same idiots who want to see TF at an evo not knowing how retarded this game actually is. FGC far more rampant with nut-hugging and perpetuating ignorance in these last few years. transitioning to just walking away from this nonsense altogether really.

also, desk will probably get exposed down the line somewhere. if not, whatever, everyone who has posted in here and viewed this forum knows the deal and that all that really matters.

viva la tf revolution etc.


Played it for the first time this past weekend at Povertfest, Chromedome and C. Shredder are the shit. Why did I not paly this sooner.


It’s a lovely game. Chrome is really interesting, too bad shark/raph both bop him.


Is War really all that terrible? He doesn’t strike me as good, or anything, but I guess I’m surprised that the prevailing opinion is basically that he is unconditional, absolute worst.


He has no good matchups, bad normals, no combos, no setups, stomp is unsafe on hit, dash punch is unsafe on block, his super is unsafe on hit, the worst jump arc, worst walk speed, doesn’t have a reversal, etc. etc.

He’s vulnerable to all of the tech like unblockables, chrome epd loop, fireball throw traps, and can’t do any of it himself. The only other character who can’t set up is aska and she still has like fake crossups in the corner, actual combos, a dp to get out of other people’s setups, and just overall better movement and tools.

He can’t play the BS that is TF and he can’t play SF well either.


Okay, that really is pretty terrible.


A lot of kids, even adults, don’t realize why plagiarism is bad. Lets not even discuss the rampant illegal market by using copyrighted & patented work of others without asking permission or even paying a single dime to the owner of the work; $500+ billion just in the USA, a lot more than the total market for illegal drugs in the USA)


Got bored an re read the thread and decided to spread some love for TF (also im sick tired of SF4/Marvel so). This could be what a tier list looks like for this game as of now?


Looks like it makes sense to me. Got some people pretty hooked to the Turtles crack.


EDIT: Upped CD to A after reading a lot of stuff. Besides unblockables and redizzies, Dhalsim like zonning, canceling long limbs into C Spark, CPS Chains, nice aa (b+fp) etc Too much good tools


I think Shredder is overrated tbh. He’s good and very easy to play but I don’t seem him as threatening as Mike for instance. Chrome is hurt by S tier destroying him, but is great vs. the rest.

Your top two and bottom 3 I agree with, but the middle 5 is really a huge jumble. Those characters have really diverse matchups/options and it’s hard to really tell which of them is the strongest. I don’t think Chrome loses to any character other than top 2, but having the ability to fight them as effectively as Mike does has to have some weight yeah? Don can fight Raph, and doesn’t really have terrible matchups, his tools overall are just good. Wingnut I think is the hardest of that group to figure out. He can seem extremely dominant then just lose to very very basic stuff because he has terrible defensive options.


sort of figured out crossup with Aska, it’s really finnicky though and seems to only work on crouchers.

Testing on mutant warriors vs. Shredder, corner f.throw immediate f.hp is a crossup, if you delay or walk it won’t crossup. Can’t seem to combo off of it, dp whiffed but it might work in us version without the nerf.

cr.hp link still works in mutant warriors

overhead to dp doesn’t work in mutant warriors, the dp hitbox is too poor, no goofy bullshit vs. shredder


Ves! Thanks for your input, and yes, the B and C groups are a headache for me (in organizing them), I sometimes think Leo has it to go to B, thanks to his kind of shoto properties, but as Wing he loses sometimes to dumb stuff haha.

BTW the order inside of the groups isnt numbered, they just “belong” to that group.

About Shred, yeah he can fight the Turtles real well (even Raph), but Wing, Arm destroy him.

Shall we do a matchup chart? (even if its silly =D )


I don’t have enough data to do matchups sadly. I just know what feels bad/good for a couple of characters.


Me neither, but we have to start with something. This game is fully “undiscovered” haha (pun to Infinite Undiscovery game and Squaresoft ridiculous game names)


yo sup guys just read the thread pretty cool stuff tmnt:tf is hella fun anyone still play online?


Man, I’ve been looking for captures I came across of beta Aska/Mitsu having an additional move; some kind of kick. If anyone knows where I can find captures of that move and any additional unused moves, I’d appreciate it.


Might be old information but wingnut and chrome dome can jump cancel their light punch or light kick 3 frames after the first active frame approximately on hit or whiff. Apologies if it is old as this game is ancient.


Did Desk ever address that TMNT TF tech video?

EDIT - Disregard. I will stop stirring the pot. If interested in replying, PM me or something. Otherwise carry on.


Sorry for the necro, but also this thread is inmortal.

WHAT in hell is this? That stage, that music, that Round 1 Fight font? Those Shredder samples? Is a mod? Or is the Japanese version?