The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


It’s the beta version with a fan made arrange version of the song played over it.


Thx Jed! The stage looks AWESOME!


haven’t been in thread for awhile, but noticed this post

This is fairly useless for both characters for different reasons. Wingnuts jump has a billion frames of startup, and if you block a jab/short from chrome he can get a guaranteed command grab so even though you can get instant overhead j.hp from that situation. If you are stun counting and j.hp will stun is pretty much the only reason i could see going for that over the command grab.


Thought I’d bump this thread with these casual I found today.


this chrome is really losing a 9-1 matchup.

anyways I’m working on some content for this game, no ETA, but yeah!


I fucking loved this game back in the days.
Always wondered why nobody wanted to play with me, since it looked like a competent fighting game and way better than any oldschool MK.


I played more TF than any iteration SF2.

I just remember press X+Y together = “ATTACK (x10), then RISING THUNDER”. I abused that super.


Some casuals vs a friend that I had NO IDEA he played this and was decent at it.


I’ll be playing this at NEC (December 11th - 13th), I play Mutant Warriors because it feels like a more polished game. I have the cart but I’ll bring an XBOX with Tournament Fighters just in case.

I hope to see some more competition, the tournament at Summer Jam 2015 was good times.

If anyone from that tournament is on this thread, I played Wingnut. Hope to see you again!


Record what you can, friend!


Good games to those who came and played TF / MW on Saturday at NEC. Sorry things got cut shorter than I would have liked, but I met a lot of really cool people and learned a few things. I’ll try to start absorbing the past 2 years of this thread into my gameplan for the next tournament.

This SRK thread is my absolute favorite TMNT TF resource of all time. Thanks for all of the hard work that has been done here! I hosted a TF tournament at MAGFest last year and may consider running another. If any of you all happen to come to the East Coast for MAGFest, please come enter my tournament!


Quick question, can the scripts developed by @jedpossum be converted into IPS or patched directly into the game? I might want to test some NO DIZZY gameplay, BUT… Im playing either emulating on Wii or Xbox Classic (Snes9Xbox, Snes9x Next, ZsnesXbox)

Thanks everyone in advance.

EDIT: Someone suggested me to add it as a game genie code. its possible?


SUCESS, thx to the guys of gamehacking, I got the PAR code NO STUN for both players. Serve yourselves!



How does mutant warriors feel more polished is my question?

Top tier just feels stronger to me as the changes I know about just make low tier worse. Only thing I really like is color select in MW.

I don’t know all the little changes though so there might be some things i’m missing.


I guess it’s mostly a taste situation, I prefer the Japanese voices and ability to pick 2P colors easily. As a Wingnut main I’ve yet to notice any differences other than what you’ve mentioned. Group battle is neat little extra that leads me to believe Mutant Warriors was the more complete of the two versions (even though I wish it was more like Tekken or KOF team battle). I own Mutant Warrior on cart and have played both pretty extensively, though I am sure not as much as you have though. :slight_smile:

Either version works for me, but I do have to admit it seems Aska mains would definitely demand TF in tournament.


I should start poking around for differences.

on fat characters after a corner epd with chrome I think you can do lp chrome spark > walk normal xx epd and loop it guaranteedish, but I need to test it with a script.


What about Shark Upper? (IMO best reversal ever) and the 0 frame Armaggon jump? Really interested on see the results of that test Ves!


I think there is a gap regardless but it still seems to be a really good option. If someone with a 0f jump(arm,shredder,aska) attempts it they get hit by the chrome spark then you can just reset the situation.


Hung out today with two other TF players and was inspired by your findings to try spotting changes in Mutant Warriors for Wingnut and Chrome Dome. It seems like Chrome Dome might have stayed the same, but we noticed a few changes that really seemed to boost Chrome Dome in the tier list. I’ll keep a running list of all of changes I’ve found going forward and include anything else that has been mentioned on the thread so far:

  • Wingnut’s Moonbuster (air fireball) has more start-up and smaller hitbox once on screen.

  • Armaggon’s Shark Upper (flash kick) has more ending lag and has a smaller hitbox. (Thanks Hanzo!)

  • Aska’s uppercut has smaller hitbox and is two hits.

Things of Note Still In:

  • Instant Death Dizzy Combo for Chrome Dome vs. Turtles / War

After seeing this change to Wingnut’s air fireball hitboxes and startup I’m really interested in checking out how ground based fireballs or moves that are airborne (like War’s Jump Head Press) might have been changed as well. I’ll try to test some more soon and maybe try to get some footage showing the comparisons side by side. :slight_smile:

I found a list of cosmetic changes to include from Turtlepedia:

  • In story mode the Turtle Blimp actually displays the logo and the background is day time.

  • The voice of the announcer, as well as the four Turtles, are different. The voices of the Turtles in the Japanese version sound less rough, with attack names sounding more clear. Some voice clips were taken from the Arcade version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time.

  • The music in the beginning plays at the proper length.

  • Some of character portraits are drawn differently in the Japanese release (such as Donatello’s, Karai’s, and Wingnut’s).

  • In Rat King’s stage (Channel 6), the fighters can break the walls and expand the arena.

  • Aska’s sprite’s clothing went several modifications. In the Japanese version, her leotard is in form of a thong, exposing her rear when she does a spin or a high kick. In the overseas versions, they are bloomers. Moreover, her victory animation and pose is different. In the overseas version, Aska stands with arms crossed while butterflies surround her (an animation recycled from one of her special moves). In the Japanese version, she raises her arm in victory while her breasts bounce.


Fierce is always 2 hits on TF. In MW both buttons are 2 hits? Also, if that of “more lag” on landing, means he can actually be ground punished?


We were consistently punishing the “trap” of repeated Shark Upper’s from the ground fairly easily in MW. You raise a good point, I think much like Aska it’s just that the hitbox is smaller making getting the two hit version more difficult. Updated the original post, thanks!