The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


I started up a Facebook group, ala the Street Fighter EX2 group for fans of the series to connect. I’ll be advertising any tournaments I’m aware of for the game and posting content of interest as well. Hope to see you all there!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters Page on Facebook


AWESOME! Subbed and if you want post our old video guides Burningfist! (Although dated I feel they contain some basic good stuff)


Nexth Month I’ll fix the Wiki :slight_smile:


Anybody know when the footage of the magfest tourney will be uploaded?


Sadly the DVD recorder apparently decided to die at the tournament. I’ve tried to recover the data on the disks for a couple of weeks now with no luck. :angry:

If that changes, I’ll let you know but unfortunately all I have is the footage of the crowd. It’s sad because there were definitely some pretty awesome matches.


i need to post in this thread more. legit my favorite fighter ever. the only thing that comes close is 3rd strike or mvc2 (different day different answer).

I bounce around when it comes to mains but my big 3 are Aska, C. Shredder and Raphael. I probably use C. Shredder the most out of any of them tho.


Oh no, that is too bad. Who knows what embarrassing losses were deleted.



I like me over everyone. :slight_smile:


They’re playing this game right now at Combo Breaker!


Aww crap, all sad I missed the Mystery Tournament stuff this weekend. Hopefully it gets put up soon-ish.


Seeing Battle Monsters and TMNT TF on the big screen at Combobreaker was pretty awesome, but if you were looking for high level play I’d probably just skip it.


DAMN I missed it! Any YT replay? Twitch sucks for my internet right now =(

BTW hahahha Battle Monsters? Insanity!

MINI Off topic: Just watched a bit. Wow really how cool to see old ass fighters on a big screen like that. The most I have done was for my “babies” UMK3 on its 20th anniversary tourney (link) and some madness on Primal Rage (link) both on a 60" projector. Obviously UMK3 had more ppl watching XD


Hi! Im quite new. Did not know there was a community in this game. What I wonder to start with is. Which version is “tournament standard”? What game speed is the one to play with? Any other rules the community have come up with? No dizzy or such? How is netplay? Doable? Thx in advance! :slight_smile:


The New Challenger guys seem to prefer Mutant Warriors, I prefer Tournament Fighters, and NYC seemed sort of split and would in the past run tournaments on both.

The pros of MW are that the overall game is a bit more polished. You can select alternate colors without a mirror match, and group battle works.

The cons are that the balance changes between the two games as far as I know ONLY target character below the top 2 which makes the balance even worse than it already is. So I would tournament fighters definitely has better balance between the two games.

Hi-speed 1 is tournament standard game speed. 90 seconds game time.

I wrote a netplay guide here! The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations

The benefits of hamachi are that people don’t have to open ports, but I know the company was sold off in recent years so i can’t vouch for any differences in using it nowadays.

There aren’t any specific rules that people use that I know of, and to be honest the game is pretty broken so you’d just be trying to contort it to be something it isn’t if you attempted to.


I really wish mutant warriors had better balancing, I switched to running tournament fighters after digging hard for positive changes. Hopefully one day someone will patch costume select into tournament fighters, this just reminds me that I need to finish the color editing I was working on.


This may sound scrubby, but I have been playing against a friend using the “no stun” game genie code and… We feel is a bit better, its not a TOD combo at any given dizzy. Again, its scrubby I know, but give it a try.


Thank you for such a quick answers.
Well at least I have right game it seems and time and speed.
Does anyone know how solid netplay actually is? Can people from EU play vs US?
We are trying to get some players into this game in sweden and solid netplay is a must for us.


Using my netplay guide, netplay is better than SF4 so it’s above the acceptable standard. There is minimum of 3f delay though, so you just have to deal with that sadly.

I used to netplay from southern california to pittsburgh and TF was a better experience than SF4 with the same guy on the same connection.

There is also talk the game might be on fightcade this year as it rolls out support for consoles, so we’ll see. that’ll make netplay easy and great

I should try this to confirm, but the more I think it about it, it just probably makes the balance worse. The characters most likely to get dizzies from my experience playing are Turtles+Arm+Chrome. Don and mike get pushed down without the ability to get random wins on better characters from a jumpin/special. Leo loses that random fireball hitting you into a stun factor with his fireballs with their crazy stun values. Chrome doesn’t even need to do true TOD’s on most of the cast because of how good his guaranteed throw game and option selects are, so while it hurts him it just prevents him from doing easy TODs, but you can still checkmate characters from the throw TOD situation without actually using stuns because of safejump option select light chromespark to beat reversals and option select EPD combined with sweep.

For Raph/Arm with their absurd fireball recoveries they are probably the two best characters after Chrome in creating non TOD checkmate situations and can actually alter some of their current situations that would be combos into these situations, resulting in them being able to get the same results.

Like I think this is just a straight buff to Raph. Raph has low stun meaning some TODs are him/mike specific. Raph is vulnerable to TOD unblockables. Raph can still combo you then do a 50/50 jumpin into a combo after midscreen, or setup a jamboree into guaranteed throw in the corner. It makes wakeup backdash/chestbuster less risky. His TOD’s requiring a DEEP crossup mean that he doesn’t even really miss it. His matchups that i’d consider his worst in Don/Arm no longer can blow him up extremely hard for bad decision making or for making a good read, meaning he gets to play more vs. them and they already weren’t getting stunned by him much.

It’s interesting to think about, but as a Chrome main it doesn’t limit my option tree that much other than making my execution harder and introducing more coinflips, but I can see how i would struggle even more with top tier without being able to stun them.

In this particular version of the game I’d personally be much more inclined to main Raph and use Shredder as my “easy” character because his throw loops he can start from knee or throw aren’t impacted by this at all, and you can play even dumber with him because you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuff stunning you now.


Veserius that is an awesome and insightful post.

BTW could you have a link to your netplay guide on your sig? So its easier to find? Also would you mind if I copy it and translate it and post it into my blog so spanish speaking players can try it? Of course 100% credut given to you!


As long its better than SF4 I have really nothing to complain about.
And first thing I was thinking about that 3F delay was its not even a thing t talk about, but then I thought about it again.
How many frames is it per second in this game? 20? 30?

And also, do you guys have a facebook-group to gather all tournament fighter-fans? To find others to play with, share tech etc.