The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


Is there a way to enable the “lose no health” option in TMNT:TF? Because keep visiting the character select screen can get rather tiresome.


Added it to my sig, and just let me double check the Hamachi stuff tomorrow so I can confirm if it’s still good to go. I just don’t want bad info to get disseminated if something changed. I know there is some other thing people use currently that is more game centric.


facebook sucks, I prefer everyone to talk in here if possible because it’s a much more organized format. I’ll probably make a new thread sometime soon though with Zar gone. Everyone cool with that?

if you just meant for testing stuff use jed’s training mode mod, it has health recover.

you can also just use save states or rewind function if you’re using an emulator.


And it was right on the previous page… Thank you for sharing Ves, though I’m still a bit stumped on how to enable the mod on the Snes9X. Care to help me out on this? Thanks in advance.


Oh shit 60 frames thats really good. Then 3 frames doesnt feel that bad. 5/100 of a second. I can live with that.
I also prefer forums. Its more serious. Are you guys having some kind of document with players who want to play online?
And about creating a new thread I have nothing to say about. I just got here :slight_smile:


I have read about the Netplay stuff. I have a small(?) Problem. I can connect to my friend and start TF with no problems and start vs battle. But the Host is back buffering like a MF. The other player dont feel it at all. In local when trying with two computers it works super fine.
We dont use any program other than zsnes. Can we do something about it?


I just saw this thread a couple days ago, I never realized people still played this (or that it was played competitively). Seeing that a couple balance issues bring it down and that it uses non-default options for its ruleset, I decided to see if I could hack the game to make it more suitable for competition.

I’d always been interested in hacking but never got anywhere with my attempts until the past couple days. Suddenly, everything clicked and I finally got the hang of it, leading to:

This “1.01” patch unlocks everything (Rat King, Karai, Metro Train, Studio 6, Hi-Speed 3, 10 Credits) and sets options to tournament defaults (90 second timer, Hi-Speed 1, also set default ‘Game Level’ to 7 while I was at it) on startup, making it tournament ready right off the bat. Also it’s just more convenient if you want to play with the secrets without bothering with codes.

The zip file contains Lunar IPS and the IPS Patch File. No instruction should be necessary, just click ‘Apply IPS Patch’, select the IPS file, then the TMNT-TF rom. Obviously, the rom itself is not included.

Edit: I forgot to add, this needs to be applied to an unheadered rom. If you have difficulty patching a rom, check the file size. If it is not 2,097,152 bytes exactly, then it likely has a header which needs to be removed before the patch will work.

I’m going to see how much farther I can go with hacking and releasing more versions with new features and balance fixes.

My goal with ‘1.02’ is to work out adding costume changes (L or R on character select screen) and adding ‘Dizzy Armor’ and ‘Grapple Armor’.

‘Dizzy Armor’ would, rather than outright removing it, instead nerf it. When a player is hit while dizzy, they would be given a flag that reduces damage received and prevents the stun meter from raising until the attacked player can move again. I’d also try to add in ‘Stun - 0 1 2’ in the Options Menu, with 0 = Dizzy disabled, 1 = Dizzy Armor, and 2 = unaltered Dizzy, and if I can squeeze it in an option for Grapple Amor - On/Off as well. If I can’t make them optional, I’ll release them as two separate versions. ‘1.xx-a’ patches would have any new features that don’t affect gameplay, while ‘1.xx-b’ patches would include the competitive changes.

‘Grapple Armor’ would add a timer when blocking an attack, preventing grapples from working during that time. Hopefully there’s a good sweetspot time that lasts just long enough to prevent blockstun grabs.

After that, for a 1.03 I’d be looking into things like figuring out frame data so Leonardo, Aska and War can get a few buffs and Karai and Rat King can be brought down to something resembling fair. This could take a while depending on circumstances like compression, but if I figure it out I should be able to make a frame data viewer for all characters as well.


most of that sounds neat, but I would rather people who actually understand the game competitively attempt to balance it.

redizzy combos are absolutely 100% okay. Removing them actually makes raph better, and he’s already the best character. yah know?

The throw changes also make him better as while his throw game is quite quite good, the threat of it from other characters is sometimes their only reliable way to beat him.

Basically they end up being bandaids that make the balance of the game even worse without character balance changes on top of them.


ToDs are ‘100% okay’? I don’t see how that makes sense. It sounds like the redizzy combos and stunlock throws really turns people off of playing the game. But I’m working on this hack for the competitive players, so if they want it the way it was, that’s fine. That’s why I planned on splitting it between ‘A’ and ‘B’ versions, the ‘A’ version would be untouched competitively while the ‘B’ version could be worked out until something more fun and balanced than A can be achieved. Although if I figure out how to add ‘Stun’ and ‘Grapple’ to options, then those could be entirely ignored like Hi-Speed 3 and the like without splitting it into 2 separate versions.

I do admit I do not understand the game competitively though, so I hope you and any other skilled players will help to work out balance on B if I get far enough for that to be a possibility.


Patching the game with a color select would make me play it. Thanks for the effort and keep up the good work!


Whats turning people off from the game is that it’s clunky to netplay, and that playing people who know the game is overwhelming. Oh and it’s 25 year old almost and the animations aren’t great.

Look at ST, 3s, etc. Critically acclaimed games with TODs. Removing them from those games would negatively impact balance similarly because you’d have characters like O.Sagat, N.Claw or 3s Chun not losing anything and characters like N.Dictactor, O.Fei or Makoto moving down without the threat of being able to threaten one big combo to take rounds. Fundamentally you’d ideally never design a game with ToD’s in mind, but once the game has them and they are in effect, they shape the overall balance of the game and how it is played. Setting new universal rules on a fighting game generally doesn’t work well, as they are nuanced and will dramatically impact some characters more than others. Now if the goal isn’t balance, but to make the game FEEL more fair, it might accomplish that.

I’d have to imagine that the number of people who are playing the game and getting wrecked by high level tech is incredibly small, because the number of people employing it is TINY from what I can tell. This combo didn’t exist as far as I know until I posted it, and I’ve never even seen it used it in a match, or even attempted. Most of the match footage is people playing SF2 with turtles characters for the most part.

without dramatic changes to characters on an individual level, you can’t really improve the balance IMO if you’re trying to make overall system changes.


Alright, I’ll hold off on the system changes until modifying characters is possible.


1.02 is done!

You can now press L or R in the character select screen to switch colors.

For 1.03 I’m going to be looking at editing individual character data to nerf Karai and Rat King to the point where they can be legally used. I’ve decided not to touch Aska, Leo or even War, as they are already playable (even if weak) in the meta as they are and there may be unexplored combos and such like Veserius showed in his post that could boost them up without altering them. 1.03 might be the last patch for Tournament Fighters, as I can’t think of important things to modify beyond this point without major changes such as my proposed Dizzy/Grapple Armor which according to Veserius would need the whole cast rebalanced as well to accommodate the change.

If I end up working on that, it would be given the name ‘Championship Fighters’ so that the mechanics changes/cast rebalancing would be more clearly separated from the original Tournament Fighters, and if I made any versions past 1.03 it would contain only new non-competitive changing stuff (like say if I added a practice mode). Pretty much a more complete split of the A/B patch thing.

So, on to Karai and Rat King… I’ll require help from the competitive players on this one, I’ve got no idea what aspects need to be targeted to bring them on par with the rest of the cast. One thought I had for Karai among eliminating her infinites is to have her take 2x damage from attacks in VS, making her a glass cannon and allowing her to retain some degree of ridiculous power in her moves. Since that would only apply to versus, SP Karai would still be able to be a nasty OP Final Boss.


Fix a supersolid netplay feature instead of in zsnes 1.42. Even though Im sitting next to myself with 2 computers its still laggy :frowning: would this be possible first of all? :frowning: great work. Dizzy reduction would be cool. Also color change. Keep it up!


are you using 1.42n?


1.42 its called. The “n” I dunno about. Is that another one?

#1056 specifically the one listed on this site


Well this was something else! Gonna try it out. Hopefully it will work better. The hope is alive!


And also before trying, is there any ports that is better than others? 7485 is set normal when im going netplay.
Sorry for double post


you just want to use a port that isn’t being used by anything else on your pc


Thanks for such a nice answer. Im hoping we can create a community in Sweden. Planing to play with guys 35 swedish miles away. (Aprox 200 american miles) they are playing local weeklys about 8 players so was hoping to expand the community.