The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


Thank you for this addition! Between this and the training script from Jed this thread has single handedly completely changed the way we play this game and it’s all thanks to the SRK community. :slight_smile:

I think the bosses are fair game when it comes to rebalancing, no one plays them seriously so it might be a good place to start when it comes to adding more content to the game.

Karai is a much less broken character without her dashing punch and jumping punch infinites but she does have some really powerful special moves. I’ve never been a fan of Seth but if the idea was to give her a huge drawback she could probably have extremely low stun so even a simple 3 hit combo would lead to a dizzy. I’d like to see a version of her without super broken tick setups and one button infinites if no other reason than to add a character to the cast.

Rat King is pretty broken because he’s got the same kind of Chrome Dome tick game but with better normals. The throw range on his command grab is extremely nasty.

I found these clips that might help. Thank you again for your time and effort!


I think almost every tmnt combo video i watch has stuff that doesn’t combo lol


Shiiiet what a difference in netplay. Just one question. Is the emulator always crash if I try to put latency lower than 3? No movie recorded or something it says.


yeah, if you try to move the latency down, it’ll crash. Why I mentioned before how you’re stuck at 3 delay.

It sucks that the default is so high if you’re playing someone over a relatively short distance, but it’s better than the other options. Netplay is mostly smooth using 1.42n, so 3 delay isn’t that bad though.


Yeah I thought it was the reason why you said 3 frames. But its much more stable. Cant even compare it. it feels like its playable too. Hope we can get this as an option to play regual over here. Are you guys using this or is it just local games for you?


I haven’t played much this year at all, but I usually netplay when i do play, I’m much much better than my friends who don’t play the game seriously so it’s hard to make them feel really motivated to play a game they aren’t interested in.


Okay, found something interesting. While working on rebalancing Karai, I got a more accurate look at how much stun meters need to be filled for each character.

320 - Karai currently in the upcoming 1.03 Patch
576 - Raphael & Michaelangelo
640 - Everyone else except Karai
768 - Karai (!!!)

jedpossum was close, but fell a bit short of how much stun you actually needed to make them dizzy.

I also discovered that when you are using your alternate color in tournament mode and begin the mirror match, the opponent is now the alternate color and you revert to normal coloration for the rest of the mode. That’ll be fixed for the next patch.

Also, I decided on the boss debuffs. For Karai, I’m currently going with Burningfist’s idea and making her extremely susceptible to dizzy alongside the infinite removals. For Rat King, I’m going to give Rat Bomber startup time and going to reduce the damage of his attacks a bit. Any objections/other suggested changes?


Netplay is the only possibillity for me to even play. Hopefully in the near future with my friends


Just discovered that Aska has overhead/cross-up properties from her F+FK after executing F+FP. This only works against the turtles.


This may be tied to the turtles weakness of eating unblockable stuff while waking up. Aka Chrome LP throw loop or after Armaggon bite throw etc etc


Yeah, that may actually be the case, considering the fact that I had to execute Aska’s F+FK immediately in order for it to work as an overhead/cross-up.


it doesn’t have anything to do with how chrome/arm throws work for sure, cause they are just still in hitstun from that. This is like the other overhead stuff I posted probably.

I didn’t know the butt could overhead, but I posted about the corner crossup somewhere. good to know!


Please add a combo counter and reversal indicator!


Ok, regarding the possible mod for balancing, these are MY suggestions:

If only value numbers can be altered, I would vouch for a higher stun meter to everyone except the bosses. Redizzies are too stupid or getting hit just after recovering 2 or 3 times for another dizzie is dumb IMO. This is not Marvel. This would also prevent th EASY redizzies on the Turtles from C. Dome.

If damage of the attacks can be altered, also make the UAM or super attacks do WAY LESS damage. 1 hit of Raph Energy Spray does the same damage blocked or on hit haha

If actual game data like atributes can be modified, then add 3-4 landing frames to Armaggon’s Shark Upper, same for Raph’s Power Drill

War: Fierce Punch cancelable into Dash Claw, or upper invencibility and, a farther distance from the bounce move, so he lands safer and away.

Is his only comboable move, standing close weak kick into Dash Claw? Poor War

Wignut: Dash Punch can cancel quicks or fierces.

Leo: Stay the same

Shredhead: Same

Mike: Redizzy out and maybe crouch weak kick to be non slide and be like Raph/Leo?

Donnie: Crouch weak kick mod

Armaggon: Landing frames added, MAYBE height restriction to Shark Dive?

Chrome: Same. I love this char.

Aska: Crouch LK to not be slide but use the same sprite. Standing kicks to actually hit all crouch blockers. A bit landing on her SRK? (I think its ok)

Raph: Drill landing frames. More recovery on fireball on block.

Now with the fantasy mods:

Less input leniency so random/undesired stuff come out? Or map some specials to other buttons so they dont overlap?
Add Sega Genesis characters? Krang, Triceraton, Syphus, Beetle, Casey, April?

I dont really think weird normal unblockables can be worked out and the throw loops from Shred or blockstun grabs so well.

BLOOD (nah that one was joking)

These are my 2 cents and I can actually live with only the stun modifiers.


SORRY for the double post.

Some TMNTTF matches here. Expect some more for next week!


Just got finish watching your set with Homero. Good shit from both of you guys.


That’s exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping to see Hanzo. Both the balance suggestions and the sets, those fights were pretty hype. I noticed though you were using vanilla TMNT TF instead of my 1.02 version, any reason for that?

I can easily modify the values for dizzy (btw, moved Karai up to 355 to get dizzied because the Turtle’s projectiles would instantly knock her into dizzy otherwise, and Leo’s was the strongest with 352 stun), but after looking for (and failing to find) a quick and dirty way of balancing Karai’s moves, I’ve been looking into disassembling the moves so I can fully modify them. Of course, those would all go into the ‘Championship’ version so Tournament Fighters is still untouched (outside of Karai/Rat King of course).

In regards to your ‘fantasy mods’:

Changing inputs/leniency depends, I haven’t looked into any of that stuff so I’m not sure how hard it would be to implement. Plus people might have an issue with modifying controls and inputs for moves. Maybe I could find a way to allow different control schemes? I wouldn’t see any problem with changing the super attack inputs though.

Genesis/Megadrive characters are certainly on my mind. Depending on how much I get worked out from disassembling characters, this might actually be a possibility. I haven’t checked to see how well the Sega Genesis sprites mesh with the SNES ones though, and I wouldn’t want the characters to look out of place with the original cast, so there might need to be some editing/redrawing done. There’s also the issue of April, who in the SNES version uses her Fred Wolf design while the Genesis/Megadrive version looks closer to the Archie design, so I’d edit her sprites to look like the former. Also I’d want to edit the single player mode to have someone (Vernon?) replace April in the fight intro/outro when you play as her so it wouldn’t look weird with her interviewing herself.

If I got that far, Hothead/Dragon Warrior would also be something I’d want to add. Hothead regardless would need sprites and moves made from scratch though. I have some experience with spriting and might be able to do that myself, though it’d probably take a while. Of course, if I added him we’d end up with an uneven 19, so another thought I had would be to add Mona Lisa as an amalgamation of the unarmed NES TMNT TF Turtles, bringing the character total up to 20 and sorta adding another rep from the NES version.

What are your thoughts on my idea to have ‘Throw Armor’ when a character gets hit/blockstunned that makes them unthrowable, and ‘Dizzy Armor’ that makes a dizzied character take half damage and not build dizziness, until they have time to act (1 frame maybe)? I think those would pretty much eliminate throw/dizzy issues.

Edit: Forgot to add, Rioting Soul, that’s a good idea. I don’t think I’d add indicators to ‘Tournament Fighters’ outside of possibly Practice Mode because it’d take up screen space which interferes with the ‘nothing that affects competitive gameplay’, but it’ll be fair game for Championship Fighters when/if I get to that.

Also, another reason I’d want to add Mona Lisa is that I could arrange the characters in the CSS with the 4 Turtles in front, 8 Allies in the middle (Casey, April, Sisyphus, Hothead, Ray, Wingnut, Aska, Mona Lisa) and 8 Villains in the back (Shredder, Krang, Karai, Rat King, Chrome Dome, War, Armaggon, ‘Triceratron’ - probably would make him Zorax from the Fred Wolf cartoon instead of a generic Triceratron). I just think that’d be a neat setup.


Would you believe me that I never saw that? BUT… We used your patch it in a tourney we had this Sunday! Im uploading it. Raw, off-cam dirty TMNT TF with yelling and hype. We love thid game.

If you allow me some feedback, would be hard to implement the “any button select character” present on the Japanese version? Pressing Start to choose is kind of weird when we are playing on arcade sticks XD (just a suggestion)

I LOVE color select, and everything unlocked is the best.

About input leniency: This game has sme of the biggest buffer windows and some characters like Raph or Mike while walking backward to zone and then attempt a proyectile (hcf+P) their charge move would come out instead due to the walk back. Also Leo has some issues with his Roto Cutter coming out instead of Shining Cutter (you will see how I had to maneuver around this in teh finals XD).

EDIT: Input for supers is ok as is IMO, thxs

Fantay mods:

So are the move values modeable? I was going to suggest to compare the data of moves from the Jap version vs USA rom. Example in mind, Aska DP. While that nerf HURTS her, it could serve to locate where the move data is stored, since is the most noticeable change between both.

** P L E A S E ** add landing frames to Shar Upper and Power Drill XD

Throw Armor/Dizzy Armor: Can this be done? If so: PLEASE GO FOR IT! We will atleast have to test but I love the idea.

New chars: A dream come true. If possible, do them, vut again, I wold be happy with throw/dizzy armor and the balances I posted earlier.

Rioting Soul: YES! on screen indicators sound cool.

BTW I know that most snes games or fighting games have their screen “cropped” to ensure framerate etc sine SF2 days. Can this be messed with? I once stretched the screen to have an “arcade feel” and the game looks beautiful. Sadly menus and other screens were cut out, so I left them like they were before.

So, anyway. You got me really interested on the “new” char select screen. Can this reallistically be done? Could you make a test of having at least Karai and R.King show on the current one?

A pleasure to talk to you and a big THANKs for the time and dedication you spend with this old game.

EDIT2: Another balance/fix would be the HUGE hitbox on the proyectiles, its DAMN HARD to jump over them vertically.

(sorry for my bad and broken eglish)

I will post the tournament footage later today!


@Hanzo_Hasashi hold L or R with Leo to do walking fireballs :slight_smile:



And hey! You are hiding tech! XD Joking. But hey with an arcade stick it maybe a bit hard/awkward