The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


On a stick map your buttons like this maybe


then you can just hold the button with your thumb.


Good to know. BTW it doesnt workthat well with Mike/Raph issues right? (testing right now)


only applies to leo, for raph/mike just intentionally break your charge more.

probably blocking too much if you’re having issues with them + inputs are probably not clean.


Tournament vid is UP! 1 hour of madness! Enjoy!

Credits and shotouts given in the vid description!


damn the amount of missed guaranteed wins is bugging me.

Also arm’s blocking after a fireball is jumped over when you can keep your downcharge…


Sorry for not being so pro :smiley: but we try!


Enigami, just wanted to throw this out, any chance you could import the Japanese Aska sprites into the US version? Would be a good way to test the sprite modding process and could help differentiate your version even more from vanilla TF. Also can you see about adding group battle mode to the main menu like MW?

Thanks again for your hard work, it’s made playing the game even more enjoyable. I have had multiple TF heads say they really like the additions you’ve made!


This x 10000000000!

BTW some match vids! Things are getting hotter here!




@Hanzo_Hasashi You weren’t kidding about it getting hotter. I’m still on the first video. I hope there’s some Aska play in here.

@Enigami For Championship Fighters, could you also make it so that when a character gets dizzied, the stars show up on their head as they are getting knocked down from the hit(not as they are getting up)? This makes it more clear that the character was dizzied and allows more time to set up the punish.


Thanks a lot! BTW there is some Aska in the secont set vs Humberto (18-09-2016) but at the end, I tried her with mixed results. Raph can play a GOOD keep away game from her, and also when she rush him down you have to psychic SRK him on wakeup to make him block then you start you rush to build meter with Kunai Spin/throws etc. I didnt remembered that you could cancel hip/ass attach early with the spin so I can use it to appear like a delayed frame trap, but all this is tooooo risky on raph and his Chestbuster on wakeup haha

Agreed on the stars early on the stun too!


I can’t really think of a good reason to play Aska. She’s not awful, but she’s overall pretty wack and doesn’t really do anything unique enough to warrant picking her over anyone actually good.


To have fun?


playing such a limited character doesn’t really seem that fun to me. You get to play half the game.


Actually I am still learning so I dont give much if I win/lose (yet). Also from time to time I like to play low tiers in games to see how far I can go. This saturday we will play and rec. I will be “serious” this time XD

BTW Ves, I have been told that Mednafen emu has rollback netcode and that it is a dream to play there. Have you tested it?


I have not actually, I’ll have to give it a look. If it’s to my liking I’ll redo the netplay guide. thanks for the heads up.


dat ass


I only play Aska just remembering that I played her as a kid. But yeah, char is pretty low tier. Still has a good SRK and some sauce with the butt check tho.

St. lk not hitting crouchers is what I find more hurtful to her game.

We need to play soon for real this time Hanzo hahaha.

For those wondering. ZSNES 1.42 (regular version)+ Z-net combo works WONDERS for playing online!. Lagless matches even with USA players. There’s also a whatsapp group for this xD.

Thank you to the modders for trying to make an update to this good game!. The SRK-type moves in this game NEED landing/recovery frames!.


I like Aska for that high risk in your face mixup(dp or anything else). And sure enough, thats what you did.


Not much progress, been sidetracked with other stuff but I’ve set aside some time to work on it now to get stuff done.

I’ve had second thoughts on rebalancing Karai/Rat King for TF. Technically, even as balanced characters they’d affect the metagame of TF just by existing as characters. They could alter the viability of the existing characters depending on how they match up against the newcomers. Additionally, it’s probably going to take a while to disassemble enough about how moves work (Karai’s B+HP alone is a LOT of code to dig through to figure out what everything does), so at the moment I think the boss rebalancing should be for Championship Fighters only.

For 1.03, I’m instead going to focus purely on fixing TF’s atrocious menu (WHAT KIND OF MENU DOESN’T ALLOW YOU TO GO BACK TO THE PREVIOUS ONE!?) and other conveniences, and if I can, new game modes (Group/Practice).

Right now, this is my current planned features for Tournament Fighters:

Single Player Alternate Color Fix - If you play with an alternate color, you will be reset to normal coloration when you fight your mirror match for the rest of the mode. This will be fixed so you retain your alternate color.
Menu “Back” Functionality - Go to the previous menu by pressing B
Hold Pause - When playing VS between two players, Pause must be held for a few frames before pausing to prevent accidental pausing.
Quit Functionality - Ability to quit matches by pressing L + R + Start when paused.
Group Battle - Fully implemented, with possible modifications (maybe a toggleable option?) to make it closer to KoF Team Battle.
Practice Battle - Removed timer, players cannot be KO’d, HP regenerates after not taking damage for a number of frames. Requires quit functionality to be added first so you can get out of it.
Combo Counter + Reversal Indicator - Possibly Practice only, but the screen space just under the HP bar might be unobtrusive enough to be in standard gameplay.
VS CPU - Ability to fight the CPU playing Versus/Group/Practice modes. If no controller is detected for a player, they are set to CPU controlled. If a controller is plugged into a CPU slot and and any button is pressed, that slot becomes human controlled again. Pressing B will set the slot back to CPU controlled. If both players are CPU controlled (for example both players press B), then they will be returned to the title screen.
Studio 6 Breakable Walls - Imported from MW
Stage Select - Karai / Rat King added (third row perhaps?), Up/Down to move across rows.
Profiles - Ability to manually view character profiles. Low priority obviously since it’s purely fluff.

Adding Aska (MW) to Tournament Fighters would require the rom to be expanded to 4MB just to fit it in when all the other planned changes should fit within its current 2MB size. Not really a big deal, but I was hoping to have the TF patches keep the original 2MB size.

Depending on how the characters’ sprites are handled the easiest way to add her might be to fully clone her and repoint the clone’s graphics to the new JP ones. Although that gives me a fun idea for Championship Fighters: ‘SF2 Old/Super’-esque Aska split, since if I use the cloning method to add Aska (MW), the Askas’ properties could be modified individually. I could have one Aska have the Crouch/Standing LK and any other balance changes, while the other Aska could have something different. As an example for an alternate Aska, an early concept I’d had for balancing her besides altering her moves was to use her beta sprites for a new move, and having her Super be weaker but also charge much faster. Additionally, I’d probably give the alternate Aska a dark blue-ish purple palette that matches her art to further differentiate her from the original. Does that sound good or no?

In any case, I’d probably do the cloning method regardless for MW Aska since there’s minimal sprite/moveset work required and it’d allow me to work out adding new characters.

@Rioting Soul: Added displaying dizziness as they are knocked into dizzy to my CF list.


GGs Nuno! Awesome Mike!

Thx Riot!

@Enigami awesomeeeeeeeee list of features! Go for them!

Remember to make the character selection with the front buttons instead to only start (like the Jap version) and pleaseeeeeeee let us test with the increased stun meter! (also a general all cast damage reduction to supers would be good except por War) Thanks again!

The matches vs Nunoelectric