The TMNT Tournament Fighters (SNES) Thread: TF Revelations


Forgot to add pressing A/X/Y (B will be for deselecting your character/dropping out/going back to menu) as alternate inputs to select your character to the list, that’ll also be done. As for Stun Meter, I could add that and Dizzy Armor to the options menu so those can be tested.


This sound SUPER AWESOME and the guys are hyped here for that. Nothing more infuriating than to be stunned, receive a 4 hit combo and having to turtle/chicken out because the next hit will stun you AGAIN! (you will seethat A LOT on this set I´m posting). Sure you can “agree” with this, but to the new players it scare them out of the game more than draw them in. (Yes yes I am also of the OG mentality of “don´t let yourself hit or this and that”, but not everyone is like that, and I want more than 3 ppl to play)

Please ENJOY! I had so MUCH fun (and rage haha) in this set because previously in the “warm up” I DID NOT knew the matchup Shred v Raph (I was Shred) and my opponent went 12 wins ahead. I was mad and angry (it seems a common factor in all the tmnt players? To get angry at the game BS but then “it is the best game ever and fun”?? =) ) and scratching my head until I found out some patterns on him. So I managed to won that warming set 30.29. On the verge!

Fear not, this following set is FT10 only ** =) (also uploading another of a cousin vs that same friend, but that will take a while so I will only update this post later)

NINJA EDIT: BTW @Enigami your 1.02 romhack has the handicap on VS mode set to 0 on default, while it should be 3 (we are playing with it at 4 for personal preference)


That’s odd, not sure how that happened. I’ll look into it.

Also, don’t know if this is already known, but I noticed when Hanzo_Hasashi played Aska he used regular jumps over fireballs, when it looks like certain characters can have an easier time jumping over fireballs by immediately using an aerial so I thought I’d bring this up. When you normally jump their legs stay straight for a few frames presenting a tall hurtbox, but some aerials can come out really quick and reduce the hurtbox. For example, when you jump forward with Aska it takes about 8 frames before she goes from legs straight out to somersaulting, while immediately throwing out aerial LK causes her to tuck in her legs after 2 frames. I’m not sure how much this helps, or if throwing out immediate aerials are a bad idea (it probably is for aerials that don’t have a constant hitbox like Aska’s LK), but it looks like it widens the timing for jumping fireballs a bit.


it’s good with a lot of the jump lights that have infinite active frames yeah.


TMNT TF vids from this past week. Online and Ofline meetings.


Vs RZP (Quickie and FT7)

Vs Nunoelectric FT10


Vs Humberto (FT10 x 3)


PD: War is not LAST! (or at least not in a group of his own, alone. I think he has even matches vs Don, Mike and maybe W Nut, but the others destroy him completely)


Sorry for the double post.

Shitload of matches from the past week


Hanzo v Homero (1) FT10

Hanzo v Homero (2) FT0

Hanzo v Humberto FT5

Hanzo v Humberto FT10

Humberto v Homero FT10 (1)

Humberto v Homero FT10 (2)

Online vs Nunoelectric


YES YES I KNOW; sorry for the triple post.

Im on a streak with this game and content.

Enjoy the 4th chapter of the video guides!

Please enjoy =)


This was written to complement the video tutorial.

Ok I have played 2 straight weeks with War. Like 400 matches vs various players with different skill levels and different characters. While I am not a great player, I think I can write confidently a mini guide for him, due to him having few tech/tools so is kind of simple. Anyone feel free to critizise/add stuff/debunk stuff.


Possibly last on the tier list but not without his even matchups IMO. So he can get away with some BS until the opponent catches up. War does stun and damage i spades, and plays like a basic SamSho character. This char is severely lacking any advanced combo other than basic jump in - follow up. More footsies and zoning and almost zero exploitable BS that other chars have. This is a char that can win mostly on the opponent not knowing how to handle the matchup and the few shenanigans War has, or being overconfident by his suppossed tier position.

Best combo examples:

Jumping Fierce/RH - Crouch RH or Standing Fierce
Jumping Fierce/RH - Standing close RH (most damaging combo for War and best combo for stunned foes)

He only has two cancelable move wich is close Light Kick and Jab close (wich sucks IMO, so use close LK instead) and is useless in the fact that both Dash Claw moves will not connect as a combo. You can opt for flashy stuff and cancel them with the Stomp special, while punishable, you can get sometimes with it.

Between the LK and the special move is a small gap in wich chars with invincible DP´s can shut you down BUT you can train them to do them and punish it. There is a unblockable setup on ASSka (intended joke) but all she has to do is block high by only doing 2 close LK

If the Aska player is not punishing the small gap, train them to fear the unblockable and go for War best overall tool: THROW.

His throw has the biggest range in the game aside from the bosses and Chrome SPD. It carries to the corner fast, does decent damage and can interrupt sometimes crouching weak attacks done slow because it has the weird property that it can be activated WHILE BLOCKING LOW (wtf tmnttf). Yes, holding Down-Back will sometimes allow you to grab your foe.

His best poking moves are very decent. Specially standing far Fierce. Try always to use just outside of jump distance. Is not that punishable on whiff, but whiffing it to a jumping foe will make you block and that is the worst aspect of War. He has no invincible reversal and has to block/suffer.

Standing RH knockdowns and is usable at a very long distance, but not as much as Fierce. It also hits LOW so it is pretty deceptiveHis sweep is BAD and has less reach that his crouchin jabs for example, so DONT us it for whiff punishes as he has a better option (Firce).

Crouch Jab and Crouch Fierce are both GOOD pokes up close and you can use them to create some distance. Sadly he can´t nor link them nor chain them rapid fire style. Standing or crouching Fierce are greath both to stop Aska/Mike/Don slike kicks if done in advance.

War is the highest jumper in the game, and while it could be seen as a weakness, you can exploit it in air to air situations. His best jump attacks are Jab or Fierce. Jab kind of creates a Kara throw setup from a jumping attack, while hiding his backward hurtbox.

Both his specials sucks against some characters and not that much vs others. Both Dash Claws do MASSIVE damage and stun (specially if you manage to AA with a Fierce Dash Claw, any fierc hit after that will stun Mike and Raph. 2 hits stun!). Bith can be used to catch running away foes that fear his throw. Weak Claw is not that - on block and you can even try and poke with close LK or crouch Jab. You can repeat close LK cancel into weak Claw for pressure against some characters or set up throw traps (LK cancel into weak Claw then Lk and dont cancel but throw instantly, or Lk and then close FK frametrap etc). Some chars CANT duck them but ironically Arm and others can duck block them (lol). This hurts War a lot (not intended joke).

Death from Above or simply Stomp is goot to punish proyectiles even on reaction. Sadly, some chars even when hit by this can punish him (Leo just stand fierce, Raph Chestbuster etc), others have just to watch War getting away with it. LK version makes you bounce from where you jumped and RH version makes you land behind the opponent.

I have managed to trick people with this, because they are used to press the button automatically as if I were going to land from where I jumped, so their attack comes out at the wrong time and I am able to punish their whiff, block or mess up their charge.

On the corners you can do some shenanigans with this. I sometimes take a risk if my opponent is cornered, I use the RH stomp version and they believe Im gonna land cornered, but to some stuff in this game I end close to them out of the corner, them cornered and usually whiffing what they were using to punish.

You can charge BOTH moves at the same time, like ST Balrog, So you can do a Dash claw using the downward diagonals then launch a Stomp suddenly to mix it up.

The stomp hits BEHIND someone crouching and sometimes you can set it up to hit as a crossup and land WITHOUT bouncing and continuing the combo! Mash that RH for 3 hits!

War best AA is his Lunging Headbutt (Jab + LK) and is decent at some distance but not against all chars. You can still charge back while doing this small hop and on block is not that bad. I sometimes use it to escape crossups on very close jumping opponents. Sometimes the move will not come out, IDK if it is a glitch so sometimes I opt for not using it. Depending on th distance, I can jump back on reaction with Fierce or Jab to AA a jumping foe.

Super: War Dynamic. Goofy bouncing ball of light. It doesnt has any recovery but if the opponent is smart, will crush you on landing. Can land like 3-4 hits on block, and a max of 2 hits on someone who dont block or try to jump. Stoopid War will ALWAYS land close to his opponent. You can get with a lucky mashed throw tho.

Possible Matchup Chart (to be silly)

War vs

vs Shredder 9-1 (can´t do/setup anything, horrible match)
vs Armaggon 8-2
vs Raphael 7-3
vs Chrome 6-4
vs Wingnut 6-4
vs Donnie 6-4
vs Leo 6-4
vs Mike 5-5
vs Aska 5-5


Corner Meaty Setup + Dizzy Combo with Donatello’s Ground Claw


Awesome. BTW did you tested if Arm can get out of it with either Shark Upper or his 0 jump frame?

BTW I am piggybacking this post to… THE CHAPTER 5 OF THE VIDEO GUIDES! ENJOY!


Concerning to Jaws Upper; while Armaggon can escape the meaty Ground Claw, he will leave himself open for a punish afterwards.

And for his 0 frame jump; no, he cannot escape it.


Awesome, thanks! More tools to beat that fool shark!


Nice to see video tutorials, nowadays I was with Darkstalkers stuff.


Matches from the past 2 weeks!


Lalista vs Humberto FT10

Homero vs Humberto FT10


Hanzo vs Humberto FT10

Humberto vs Lalista FT10

Humberto vs Homero FT10 Set 1 and 2


(BTW there should be a thread about MMPR FE on snes too!)


A pair of matches we had at a tourney here. Enjoy:


I’be been trying to read up on stuff in this thread but there’s a lot of info swirling around on these pages…in short, could somebody please tell me if there’s a way to play this online, and if yes, what I need to download to do so?


There you go friend, courtesy of Veserius.


1.02b patch is here! New features: Default handicap is fixed (3 instead of 0), and ABXY all select the player’s character (note: B will be for deselection/going back to the title screen in the future).

I was trying to get a couple more features completed before Christmas and release it as 1.03, but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get them done. Ah well, it’ll be done soon enough. Other things ended up grabbing my free time since my last post, but recently I’ve got back into the swing of things, including making a program designed to aid me in maintaining rom hack projects. As a side note, I may in the future work on other SNES fighting games as well, particularly adding MSU-1 support (adds CD-quality audio, works with byuu’s emulators and the SD2SNES flashcart) to games that could REALLY use it (example: porting Godzilla Battle Legends music to Godzilla Kaijuu Daikessen), and maybe try my hand at translating some of the Japan-only fighters. So more fun stuff to look forward to in the future.

As for upcoming features, they’re gonna be split up a bit. 1.03 will contain the Pause changes (hold for a few frames to pause preventing accidental pausing, L+R+Start while paused to exit the match), Single Player Alternate Color (as far as I can tell the single player game simply isn’t coded to load the alternate palette, gotta change it so it does) and remaining menu improvements (B to deselect character, B to go back to the previous menu, Up/Down moving across character rows, Left/Right moving across the main menu options). 1.04 should have atleast some of the remaining planned features (Group Battle, VS CPU, Studio 6 Wall Break, Practice Battle, Character Profiles, Stun options).

@Hanzo_Hasashi Love the videos, they’re fun to watch and it really adds to my motivation to continue work on this.


You think it might be possible for the game to have multiple character color palettes since you made it where ABXY can select characters? I would be pretty hyped up to play as a purple clone palette’d turtle (like the clone turtles in the Genesis version).

Great stuff that you’re still making progress for this!


I’ve been hearing great things about retroarch netplay, but they seem to break it every other patch/update, and sometimes it just doesn’t work. If you can get that to work it’s a better option.

There are some other good options as well, but zsnes works fine enough if you’re used to sf4 level netplay as it’s a smidge better.


Oh God, what a Xmas gift! If I could like this post more, I would haha.

Thanks a lot for your time Enigami and I am testing the features ASAP!

EDIT: About the char select. Could be technically possible to add as a 3rd color the Clone Turtle palette? Just for the sake of having it. (And again, in a fantasy world, IDK, maybe have it as a 5th turtle hha with one special from each of the other 4 or anything else!)